Local Governance

The Role of the Governing Board and Annual Statement

What is the role of Governors?

The Department for Education indicates that effective governance is based on six key features:
•Strategic leadership that sets and champions vision, ethos and strategy.
•Accountability that drives up educational standards and financial performance.
•People with the right skills, experience, qualities and capacity.
•Structures that reinforce clearly defined roles and responsibilities.
•Compliance with statutory and contractual requirements.
•Evaluation to monitor and improve the quality and impact of governance.

Department for Education: Governance Handbook January 2017

The Local Governing Board of Lanlivery and  Blisland Primary Academies reports to the Trustees of Bridge Schools. The board is well-served by a group of enthusiastic Governors. They meet approximately every half term, to support and challenge the school leadership team, with the aim of improving outcomes of all our pupils.

Governors are volunteers who have the pupils' best interests at heart. Please click on the box below to see the Local Governing Board's Annual Statement.

If you would like to find out more about what Governors do, or find out about vacancies, please don't hesitate to contact the Clerk to Governors, Julia Stoneman juliastoneman@icloud.com

Meet The Governors

Cheryl Hill

Acting Chair

Mrs Helen Green

Vice Chair of Governors, Parent Governor (Blisland)
Term of office: 29-01-18 to 29-01-22. Responsibilities: SEN, music.

Helen Green BA (hons), PGCE, PGCert, NASENCO, M.A (Ed)
Helen has twin sons who attend Blisland Primary Academy. Having originally trained as a secondary school music teacher, Helen has worked in diverse range of settings, starting out as a peripatetic woodwind teacher, then as a classroom music teacher, followed by special needs teaching, all of which have led up to her current role as SENDCO in a large Cornish primary school. Helen loves reading about new and exciting educational developments and is currently training to be a Trauma Informed Schools practitioner.

Mr Darren Hawkes (Lanlivery)

Local Governor
Responsible for Data

Caitlin Dean (Lanlivery)

Local Governor

Responsible for Safeguarding

Jon Sinkins (Lanlivery)

Community Governor

Responsible for Data

Lorraine Wright

Parent Governor

Previous Record of Governing Board attendance at meetings
Key: P = present; Apols = apologies accepted; Apols x = apologies not accepted; 
x = absent; (P) = in attendance but not member
NB Curriculum Committee held a meeting in each school so members were asked to attend their local meeting rather than both
AUTUMN TERM 2017Full Governing Board Pay & PersonnelFinance & BuildingsCurriculum (St Cleer)Curriculum (Blisland)
Governor 18/09/201705/10/201712/10/201713/11/201728/11/2017
Geoff ColesP P  
Jimmy EdwardsP  PApols
Jon Finchx    
Hannah GodfreyP ApolsApolsApols
Helen GreenP  ApolsP
Claire IveyP PPApols
Lauren JohnsonPP PP
Steve MurrayP P  
Hayley StaceyPP ApolsApols
Catherine Stoate PPPPApols
Mike ThomP  PApols
Jennifer WalmsleyxPP  
SPRING TERM 2018Full Governing Board CurriculumSUMMER TERM 2018Local Governing BoardLocal Governing Board
Governor 29/01/201826/02/2018Governor 23/04/201816/07/2018
Geoff ColesP Geoff ColesPApols
Jimmy EdwardsApolsPJimmy EdwardsApolsP
Hannah GodfreyPApolsHannah GodfreyPP
Helen GreenPApolsHelen GreenPApols
Claire IveyPApolsClaire IveyApolsP
Lauren JohnsonPApolsLauren JohnsonApolsApols
Steve MurrayP Steve MurrayPP
Hayley StaceyApolsApolsHayley StaceyApolsApols
Catherine Stoate PPCatherine Stoate PP
Mike ThomPPMike ThomApolsP
Jennifer WalmsleyApols 
AUTUMN TERM 2018Local Governing Board
Governor 08/11/2018
Geoff ColesP
Jimmy EdwardsP
Helen GreenP
Claire IveyP
Lauren JohnsonApols
Steve MurrayP
Hayley StaceyP
Catherine Stoate P
Mike ThomApols


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