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Week beginning 13th September 2021

Exciting and enriching learning

It's so wonderful to be back and see the children learning; see how much the children are enjoying school and watching their enthusiasm for new knowledge. This week the children have been thoroughly engaged in all their lessons: from phonics to reciprocal reading; science to French, Geography to PSHE; English to Maths; and RE to Computing. The children are already making progress in all of these areas and consider well what it means to be a learner and what helps them learn. Below are a few highlights of the week:

KS1 Music:
Key Stage one class are lucky enough to have Mrs. Bridle working with them to develop Music skills. The children have started looking at: Singing; Finding and maintaining a steady pulse; Making and notating rhythms; and Exploration and Composition using different sounds.
It is going to be an excellent project for the younger class and I am looking forward to seeing the future of the 'Brit Awards'

Surf Club:
This term, KS2 are very lucky indeed to be able to access surf lessons. The children were amazing: they showed such confidence, transferred many of the learning character skills from school and were standing and surfing by the end of their first lesson. But most importantly, it was wonderful to see the children smile and have freedom. We look forward to next week's session; hopefully it is as warm and sunny as last week. 

Supporting Learning:
Reading can unlock so much learning for children and it is also just wonderful to enjoy a story, so understandably it's an important focus for us a school. Children will come home with reading books to support their reading, and hearing them little and often would make all the difference. Children in KS1 will come home with their 'Read Write inc' phonics book and a book they have chosen from our library for pleasure; in KS2 the children may on occasions come home with 3 books: a book for pleasure, a colour banded book (or Read write inc book) for developing decoding and comprehensions skills and possibly a guided reading book from in school group reading. Please note down in the children's reading records any time you hear them read as every 10-reads earns them a raffle ticket to win a book token; not to mention how much it will help their reading. Thank you for supporting the children at home with reading, our children are very strong and confident readers. 

Thank you, if you have, for logging into arbor to give consents for the various requests, such as photo permission. If you are able to log in to the app, it could be useful as we are able to send messages via the app and schedule parent consultations too.

Star of the week awards:
Erin M and Nyle P
Head Teacher Awards: Brianna W, Amy I, Lola W, Nyle P, Jack S and Jack G

Thank you as always for the support you give the school and the children. It has been two full-weeks back learning and it only feels like a few days. The children have been amazing and I know they will impress every week. 

Have a good weekend. 


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Blisland School was built in 1880 and serves the village of Blisland and surrounding countryside area. Blisland School is located just outside the beautiful village of Blisland in a hamlet, named Waterloo, on the very edge of Bodmin Moor.

The school is situated only a mile from the A30 and is five miles from the nearest town of Bodmin, bordered to the north by St Breward parish; to the west by St Mabyn and Helland parishes; to the south by Cardinham, Warleggan and St Neot parishes and to the northeast by Altarnun parish. Matt Avery, Head of School.

Blisland School has a nursery which caters for children from the start of the term of their third birthday. There is one infant class and one junior class, all staffed by caring outstanding practitioners. We have three playgrounds and a field. We regularly visit Forest School with the children and believe that outdoor learning is key to children's wider development. All children have access to laptops and ipads.

In December 2011, Ofsted inspected Blisland School and recognised the school as Outstanding. The Ofsted inspection team said, "The school is a happy place. Through the strong family atmosphere which permeates the school, pupils learn to take very good care of each other. As a result of excellent teaching throughout the school, pupils achieve very well and attain significantly above average by the end of Year 6".

Blisland School is a very special place offering a unique, quality education.

Matt Avery, Head of School.


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