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Week beginning Monday 19th March 2021

So our second week after full return to school is over, and it has flown by. The children have been so busy learning, playing and of course, looking forward to 'Comic Relief' ('I am not sure what made them so excited?')
I have been able to look at the work and learning across the school, and I am thrilled to see the enthusiasm and confidence in the children when it comes to learning at school. I, as always, look forward to the amazing work I will see next week.

Comic Relief:
Thank you to our School council who organised our theme for running Comic Relief this year. We were able to hold an outdoors, socially distanced assembly to talk about how the charity supports - both in the UK and abroad -  people who may not be in as good a situation as we are. The children looked amazing with their funky hair styles and super hero costumes. They enjoyed the day, and for some reason, they particularly enjoyed splatting me with multi-coloured foam (Many had been anticipating this event all week and I was amazed at how many wanted to splat me more than once!). The children were fabulous and have raised £60 for Comic relief. Well done!

Accelerating Learning:
You will hopefully be aware of how schools will be endeavouring to make up for any lost learning or opportunities due to the pandemic and lockdowns. We have begun to identify where we can support the children further and have started to 'Catch up'. The children however, rightly, want to call this extra learning 'Accelerating learning'. This is to reflect that we will be speedily learning bits that we missed and to recognise the fact that our children attended school both in the building and online brilliantly, and their gaps are not wide. The children are doing fantastically well; they show such resilience and will bounce back rapidly. 

Learning this week:
This week I have seen some amazing learning. KS1 have begun a series of lessons about a superhero called Traction Man. They have thought about the characters in the story, made good predictions and described brilliantly. 
KS2 have started writing their own versions of a poetry book called: 'Where my wellies take me'. They have described their journey with such good detail, used a range of different sentence types/techniques and then embedded poems they have written - I was truly wowed to read them and will share some on the blog next week when they are completed. 

Have a lovely weekend; the weather's looking fine and we look forward to seeing you all next week.

Matt Avery
(Head of School)



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Blisland School was built in 1880 and serves the village of Blisland and surrounding countryside area. Blisland School is located just outside the beautiful village of Blisland in a hamlet, named Waterloo, on the very edge of Bodmin Moor.

The school is situated only a mile from the A30 and is five miles from the nearest town of Bodmin, bordered to the north by St Breward parish; to the west by St Mabyn and Helland parishes; to the south by Cardinham, Warleggan and St Neot parishes and to the northeast by Altarnun parish. Matt Avery, Head of School.

Blisland School has a nursery which caters for children from the start of the term of their third birthday. There is one infant class and one junior class, all staffed by caring outstanding practitioners. We have three playgrounds and a field. We regularly visit Forest School with the children and believe that outdoor learning is key to children's wider development. All children have access to laptops and ipads.

In December 2011, Ofsted inspected Blisland School and recognised the school as Outstanding. The Ofsted inspection team said, "The school is a happy place. Through the strong family atmosphere which permeates the school, pupils learn to take very good care of each other. As a result of excellent teaching throughout the school, pupils achieve very well and attain significantly above average by the end of Year 6".

Blisland School is a very special place offering a unique, quality education.

Matt Avery, Head of School.


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