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Welcome to the Head's Blog! Please visit this page regularly for news, information and updates from Blisland Primary Academy.
Matt Avery, Head of School.

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Week beginning Monday 9th July 2021 

Two weeks to go.

After a busy few weeks, we have some how found ourselves only two weeks (10 school days) away from the Summer holidays. The children are keeping up their focus for learning well, readying themselves for sports day next Friday (16th July) and are very excited for our Beach trip on Tuesday (13th July).

Last Friday the children concluded their swimming sessions. They made such good progress over the two weeks and thoroughly enjoyed themselves. The swimming instructors were all well impressed with the children's progress and attitude to learning. We are arranging certificates to acknowledge their progress and success, and hope to have these with the children as soon as possible. 

Wild Tribe First aid:
KS2 this week took part in a day of first aid training. The children learnt how to look after those in need and the various situations they could come across and have a solid knowledge of ACE (Airway, Breathing and Circulation). This day has been extremely value and if you have followed any European cup football, you will have noticed how a football player's life was most likely saved by some simple first aid. Well done KS2.

Beach day and Aquarium visit:

Tuesday 13th July is going to be a busy day with KS1 and KS2 visiting the beach for a day beach sports and activities. The weather is looking good but please be prepared for all weather with plenty to drink, sun cream, hats and (hopefully not needed) a coat. The day will be very sporty and active so please wear footwear and clothes suitable for lots of moving around. 

Reception and Nursery will be remaining at school to have an aquarium experience as Newquay aquarium visit our school before the children visit the aquarium the following week. 

Sports day:

Next week is sports day (Friday 16th July). We and the children are looking forward to this, and we hope you are too. Just a reminder that we aim to start at 1:15pm and 1 member from each family my attend to ensure we have safe numbers (social distancing and mask must be worn). As you arrive and while you are waiting, we may ask you to fill in short parent survey. If you could complete this, it would be really helpful.

Star of the week awards:
Emily S, Harry W
Head Teacher Awards: Thomas H, Ava M, Mason W

The sun looks like it may be on our side for the beach trip and sports day: we are all looking forward to it. 


Week beginning 7th June 2021 

Thrilled to be all back together

This week, after returning from 1/2 term, we have been able to come back together as a whole school for the 1st time properly in over a year. It was great to see how excited the children were to become one bubble. The children loved being with one another and I know this has been a big moment for them. We used Thursday as an opportunity to have our 1st whole school assembly together in our new cabin which was built for moments such as these. It was fantastic and heart-warming to see how happy and genuine the children are for the successes and achievements of one another.

Over the 1/2 term, myself and our staff staff worked in school to organize the classrooms to be better suited for us being one bubble. We also have started decorating and reorganizing our library space now it is easier for children to freely take books out. We look forward to utilizing this space. A huge thank you to Mrs Pearce, Mrs Harrison, Mrs Powdrill and Miss Lenton, who gave up their time to make our classrooms and Library feel and look special. 

After school clubs on Fridays:
From Friday 18th June, we will be able to offer 2 afterschool clubs at no cost. For KS1 and reception, Mrs Blackburn will be delivering a mini-Olympics club running from 3pm until 3.45pm. For KS2, I will be running a netball and basketball club, also running from 3pm until 3.45pm. During Swimming (Friday 25th June and Friday 2nd July) there will be no netball or basketball and KS1 may find it tricky to get back in time for the mini-Olympics club on these two sessions. If your child is interested in attending one these clubs, please email Mrs Hawker: secretary@blislandprimary.co.uk

Star of the week awards: Brianna, Megan
Head Teacher Awards: Lowen M, Mason W, Nyle P, Sophie W, Lilly H


Week beginning 24th May 2021 

Where did that half-term go?

Time seems to be speeding up - I can't believe it is 1/2 term already. This week has been full of great learning and fun. Reception and nursery were able to explore the Eden Project (The children walked a super long way and thoroughly enjoyed the experience); KS1 have been recapping the story of the Gingerbread Man ready for a write-up to show their amazing writing skills and they were lucky enough to be joined by the real 'Gingy' from Shrek! And in KS2 the children have thoroughly enjoying the graphic novel 'The invention of Hugo Cabret': they have written some wonderful pieces based on the story and I look forward to reading their finished 'invention' writes after half-term.

Bubbles after half-term:
I am so thrilled to let you all know that after the half-term holiday our school will be able to operate as 1 bubble. This will allow the children to mingle at playtimes, enjoy assemblies in our new cabin together and look forward to other such events where we would like to mix (e.g. sports day). Linked to this move to 1 bubble, we will be reducing the time gap between group A and group B drop offs. Group A: 8:40am and Group B: 8.50am. This will mean Group B can be collected by 3.10pm. I am so pleased that we are getting ever closer to normality for the children. 

Reading and libraries:
We and the children love reading so please do keep it up over half term, it makes such a difference. Remember to fill in reading diaries as each 10 reads wins a raffle ticket to win a book voucher. Also, for your information, Bodmin library is open, and it has now been just over a year since our whole school visit to the library where many of us took out library cards. Attached is a flyer for those of you who have younger children for Rhymetime which is a great session for early Storytime.

Star of the week awards:
Mani, Todd, and Zenna
Head Teacher Awards: Erin M, Sophie W, Alex and Roxanne C

Please remember that the school is closed for an INSET day on Monday 7th June. Children to return on Tuesday 8th June.

I hope you all have a safe and fun week off and you enjoy the sunshine which looks set to arrive... at last!


Week beginning 17th May 2021 

We love a creative challenge!

Another busy week at Blisland. The children have been writing amazing stories; tackling tricky Maths such as Algebra; writing news reports about the invention of Sikhism and using their excellent brains to solve problems and think outside the box. This week has seen some excellent work - it always makes me proud of them, and excited to come to work every week to see each new achievement. 

KS1 Design and Technology (Bridges):
Key stage one class have been using their brilliant learning of the heroic British engineer (Isambard Kingdom Brunel) to begin to look at stable structures and how a suspension bridge could be built. They considered shape, structure, size and distance all brilliantly, and were able to create bridges to take a specified weight from the lesson. The children did a fabulous job and all were given stickers for their ingenuity ranging from 'Master of Strength' to ' 'Sparkliest' Design'

KS2 Picasso design models:
Working with Sean Hewitt, the children have been able to finalise their designs for Blisland's new sculpture which we hope will be ready before 1/2 term. The children created their designs based on the invention of cubism (Picasso) and allowing their image to be seen by the geometric outlines that begin to take shape when placed together. I have had a sneak peak at the final pieces and I am sure the children will feel very proud of themselves. 

Friday Achievement assemblies:
With the nicer weather we have been able to have outdoor ('Socially Distanced') assemblies. It is great to celebrate all of the children's achievement both in school at at home. As part of this we are including a show and tell section for the children. During this slot of the assembly the children will be able to talk about an item, hobby or thing of interest to them. We would like them to come prepared to speak about their chosen topic and teach us a thing or two - any help you can give your child for this speaking opportunity would be most appreciate. We value the skill of speaking and can't overstate the power of communication and the opportunities that it can give the children and hope to hear from all them before the end of summer. 


Star of the week awards: Jack C, John D
Head Teacher Awards: Roxanne C, Mason W, Brianna W AND Erin M

A big well done to Erin, Roxanne, Jack C, Lola and Jack G who all presented to the whole school about items or a hobby they are interested in. The spoke with passion, used rich vocabulary and shared some very good knowledge. 

One week to go until half term. Hopefully (and it's looking likely) the sun will arrive too. 
Reminder: Monday 7th June and Friday 11th June are school inset Days and the school will be shut to pupils on those days.


Week beginning 10th May 2021 


What a fabulous week we have all had this week. The children have been busy learning: I heard amazing phonics and reading skills, read some wonderful biographies from both classes and saw such wonderful engagement in our wider curriculum - KS1 learning about Isambard Kingdom Brunel and KS2 analyzing the significance of the invention of gun powder in ancient China. Both classes have constructed great models of sculptures they will be creating with Sean Hewitt in the next two-weeks and KS2 are well on their way to learning how to play the song 'South Australia' with Mrs Bridle. 

Moorland Wild Tribe day:
On Tuesday our whole school went on an educational visit to Minions - first time out since the pandemic as a group. It was a wonderful day and we managed to avoid most of the rain. The children learnt about physical land marks, orienteering, map reading and were even able to make 'fairy camp fires'. The children were fabulous, as usual, and it was great to be out as a school. 

Shock Tactics:
KS2 on Monday were able to take part in an online, interactive drama session with Great Western Power, learning about electricity and electrical safety. The children enjoyed this and were very knowledgeable about electricity and how to be safe. They know if they spot electrical problems out and about to call 105 (stay alive).  

Star of the week awards: Emily S, Roxanne C
Head Teacher Awards: Alina J, Sophie W, Izzy W, Billy R and Jack C
A big well done to Izzy, Jack C, Isla and Lily who all presented to the whole school about items or a hobby they are interested in. The spoke with passion, used rich vocabulary and shared some very good knowledge. 

We hope that we continue to move forward towards normality, and that soon we can be together as a school properly and invite you all back to events at the school.

Have a great weekend and we hope you can safely make the most of the lifting of restrictions on Monday.


Week beginning 3rd May 2021 

Busy as always..

Quite amazingly, we are well into May! How has that happened so fast? The children all seem so much taller and wiser. This week has been another great week for activity and learning, and we have been lucky to have avoided the rain. It has been wonderful to see how the children play with each other across the school with such empathy and kindness. There have been some very competitive but sporting break time netball matches in KS2, with some very good skills too - roll on interschool competitions after lockdown! The nice weather has allowed us to have distanced assemblies and share in each others achievements which has been a real joy. 

Learning this week:

Some highlights of the learning in school have included wonderful Art again with Sean Hewitt, Music with Mrs Bridle and PE with Mrs Blackburn. I have also noticed how engaged all the children have been in their study of History: KS1 learning about the creation of the 'Great western Railway' with a excellence puppet show to tell the events and KS2 were enquiring about the invention of writing in Ancient Suma (Mesopotamia). The children have discussed what evidence shows them with real thought and care, using strong inference skills. More of the same next week please!

Moorland Wild Tribe day:
On Tuesday (11th May) the children will be visiting 'Minions' on Bodmin Moor for a wild tribe experience. Please make sure you arrive at school promptly as the coaches leave at 9am. Children will need to be in comfortable clothing, good footwear (wellies/boots) and with  drinks and snacks/lunch (if not ordered from the school). It's going to be a great day and we'll keep our fingers crossed that it's dry. 

After School Clubs:
Reminder:  This term we have tennis club on Friday after school until 3.45pm for KS2. After 1/2 term there will be a 'Mini Olympics' Club for Reception and KS1. We hope to add more clubs in the summer term as and when it is doable. We will let you know as soon as possible.

Star of the week awards: Brianna W, Harry W, Mani M-S and Todd H
Head Teacher Awards: Erin M, Lola W, Amy W, Jack S and Arabella D

I hope Saturday is not a complete washout and you can all enjoy some time outdoors this weekend. The coming weeks and months of this term will fly by and I am looking forward to all the opportunities and experiences that will come the children's way as we move on from lockdowns and the pandemic.

Have a great weekend. 


Week beginning 26th April 2021 

Hooray For the Summer:

It's been great how more normal life is getting; for the children this is especially great news and I am looking forward to the children to the wonderful learning and experiences the children will have this summer. This week has been setting the tone for the term and I know it will get busier and more exciting as the weeks pass by.

Healthy Hearts and Healthy Minds:
On Tuesday the children in KS1 spent the day taking part in activities to help them learn about being active and healthy but also considered how this can help our brains and minds be strong and healthy too. They explored Zumba (some very good dancers were noted), Pilates, 'Rainbow Challenges', 'Worry Monster' activities and stories to name but a few. The children learnt a lot and had a great day.

KS2 Music:
KS2 continue to work with Georgina Bridle from the Music Hub. They have this week begun to prefect their 'ensembled' percussion ostinato piece for the Sea Shanty, 'A drop of Nelson's Blood'. The children have learnt quickly and have great musical timing. I look forward to their final performance piece in the coming weeks.

Art enrichment:
Across the year groups, Sean Hewitt is working with us to create a piece of art (sculpture) for the school. The children have been studying styles of art and skills used by Miro and Picasso. The sculptures will hopefully become a permanent feature of our school (Hopefully in our middle Playground) that the children and you will enjoy for many a-year.

After School Clubs:

With the easing of restrictions and improved practicalities, I am pleased that after school clubs have started to return. This term we have tennis club on Friday after school until 3.45pm. After 1/2 term there will be a 'Mini Olympics' Club for Reception and KS1. We hope to add more clubs in the summer term as and when it is possible. We will let you know as soon as possible.

Star of the week awards: Lowen, John, Ava and Izzy
Head Teacher Awards: Mason, Nyle, Thomas, Jack C, Jack G and Sophie

To end this blog, I would like to say again a big thank you to you all for your efforts in supporting your children and us as a school, especially during this pandemic. You have kept everybody safe and well in our school community and helped ensure the children are able to succeed despite challenging times. I hope to write to you all soon about removal of bubbles and allowing collection after school to go back to a more normal state. As soon as we have more details from the government, we will update you.

Have a great Bank Holiday weekend and we will see you on Tuesday 4th May.


Week beginning Monday 19th March 2021 

So our second week after full return to school is over, and it has flown by. The children have been so busy learning, playing and of course, looking forward to 'Comic Relief' ('I am not sure what made them so excited?')
I have been able to look at the work and learning across the school, and I am thrilled to see the enthusiasm and confidence in the children when it comes to learning at school. I, as always, look forward to the amazing work I will see next week.

Comic Relief:
Thank you to our School council who organised our theme for running Comic Relief this year. We were able to hold an outdoors, socially distanced assembly to talk about how the charity supports - both in the UK and abroad -  people who may not be in as good a situation as we are. The children looked amazing with their funky hair styles and super hero costumes. They enjoyed the day, and for some reason, they particularly enjoyed splatting me with multi-coloured foam (Many had been anticipating this event all week and I was amazed at how many wanted to splat me more than once!). The children were fabulous and have raised £60 for Comic relief. Well done!

Accelerating Learning:
You will hopefully be aware of how schools will be endeavouring to make up for any lost learning or opportunities due to the pandemic and lockdowns. We have begun to identify where we can support the children further and have started to 'Catch up'. The children however, rightly, want to call this extra learning 'Accelerating learning'. This is to reflect that we will be speedily learning bits that we missed and to recognise the fact that our children attended school both in the building and online brilliantly, and their gaps are not wide. The children are doing fantastically well; they show such resilience and will bounce back rapidly. 

Learning this week:
This week I have seen some amazing learning. KS1 have begun a series of lessons about a superhero called Traction Man. They have thought about the characters in the story, made good predictions and described brilliantly. 
KS2 have started writing their own versions of a poetry book called: 'Where my wellies take me'. They have described their journey with such good detail, used a range of different sentence types/techniques and then embedded poems they have written - I was truly wowed to read them and will share some on the blog next week when they are completed. 

Have a lovely weekend; the weather's looking fine and we look forward to seeing you all next week.

Matt Avery
(Head of School)



Week beginning Monday 8th March 2021 

It has been great to see everyone back in school and I am not surprised to see how well the children have settled as they never fail to impress us. They have caught up with friends wonderfully, got back into the swing of school rules and routines, and have the same enthusiasm and love of learning as ever. We are so proud of them!

This week Key Stage 2 have begun their music programme looking at playing percussion instruments. They were able to learn notes and keys, began to understand reading music and played part of 'Drunken Sailor' using knowledge of ostinato (repeating patterns). 

Comic Relief (Friday 19th March):
Friday is Comic relief. The children really enjoy taking part in this day and supporting the charity. The school council have decided to support 'Comic relief' this year by dressing in non-school uniform with fun and funky hair. They would like any change or donation you are able to give. Additionally, they have persuaded me to be pied in the face for 50p a splat; Children only I'm afraid :) . We hope you'll be able to support us on this day and we look forward to seeing the amazing hair styles. 

KS1 Maths:
KS1 this week have got straight back into the swing of learning in maths with some great work on shape and counting in 5s. Children were quick to notice lines of symmetry and could create their own lines of symmetry when making shape patterns. Great linking of learning KS1!

Reading continues to be a focus at Blisland as we want the children to be excellent and passionate readers. All classes have access to readings spines, use vipers to develop reading skills and have begun to become reciprocal learners (helping each other). Please continue to support reading at home as often as possible: hearing the children read and asking questions about the book. Asking them to summarise what happened in a story or non-fiction book is a skill all should be good with. Now lockdown has ended, we will be able to reward continued reading as usual with raffle tickets. Children will earn a raffle ticket for every 10 times they read. Children can earn extra reading raffle tickets (10) for reading a book from their class's book spine and reviewing it.

Parents consultation:
On Monday 22nd March and Wednesday 23rd March we will be hosting virtual parent consultations; we will be sending out Arbor invites from tomorrow. You can request a Microsoft Teams (Using the pupil login) or Phone consultation to discuss your child's learning and progress on these days.  

We hope you have had a good Mothering Sunday and we look forward to seeing you all in the morning.

Best Wishes,

Matt Avery
(Head of School)


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