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Welcome to the Head's Blog! Please visit this page regularly for news, information and updates from Blisland Primary Academy.
Matt Avery, Head of School.

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Week beginning Monday 9th May 2022 

Meadow Song, Sea-side visit and SATs

This week has been a very busy week and seems to have vanished in a blink. The children have been working hard and we have seen some lovely poetry work, investigations in science - planting flowers for a meadow and some wonderful watercolour paintings.

Meadow Song Project:
Both classes are currently undertaking a learning project around meadows: 'How important for the environment they are and what we can do to help'. The children are creating some amazing pieces of art, poems, scientific investigations and song performances all about meadows. We would like to present their work to you parents after half term on the morning of Friday 17th June, just after drop-off at around 9.30am if you can hang around. 

Looe Lifeboat station:
Our Receptions and Nursery were lucky enough to go on a visit to Looe lifeboat station. They had some fantastic weather for their visit and had a fabulous time looking around the lifeboat station: seeing the rescue boats, equipment and understanding how they do their job. 

Y6 End of KS2 Assessments (AKA SATs):
Our Year 6 children this week were involved in end of key stage assessments (SATs). They are the first group for 3-years to do so and did a sterling job. They showed good perseverance, empathy with one-another and did us all proud. They certainly earned their end of week treat to the 'Snail's Pace' Café. A big thank you to our PTA for funding their treat and to the Café for making a big fuss of them and giving the children a delicious ice cream for their walk home on the Camel Trail. 

Blisland Summer Fair:
Blisland will be holding a summer fair (Saturday 25th August) this year after putting it on hold due to Covid-19. The school will aim to run 3 stalls at the fair (Mostly over the morning); if you and or your children can help, that would be great (Please let us know if you can). Also, if you or if you know of anybody who would like to have your own stall at the fair, please let school know so we can put you in contact with the organisers.

Fowey Festival:
On Saturday 14th May, children from our school who finished 1st and second in the Fowey Festival writing competition will go to receive their awards. We are really proud of them and look forward to hearing all about the prizes and day. Furthermore, the festival organisers have kindly opened their festival invitation to our whole school, allowing children and a parent free entry (Ticket normally £12). Details on how to get free entry will be emailed to you.

Stars of the week: Lerryn, Byron, Erin, Emily and Brianna
Head Teacher awards: Alex H-P, Ottillie S, Zenna P, Lola W, Amy I and Emily S

Have a great weekend and enjoy the weather.


Week beginning Monday 25th April 2022 

What a start to the Summer!

It has been a fantastic week at Blisland after returning from the Easter Break. It is always so nice to see happy children walking up our steps to school. They have been amazing as ever, and are producing super work right from the word go. 

Blisland Summer Fete: 
Blisland community will be holding a summer fete in August Bank Holiday. The school will be hosting a few events at the fete and it sounds like it's going to be a fantastic day all round. If you would like your own stall or would be able to help on the day, please do get in touch with us at school so that we can let the event organisers know. 

Kernow King:
On Wednesday the children took part in a fabulous workshop and performance with the amazing Kernow King. They learnt a lot and had such fun along the way. 

Fowey Festival Writing Competition:
A few children within the school entered a writing competition for the 'Fowey Festival'. We are very pleased and proud of the children and are very excited to announce that we had some super success within the competition.  Lerryn C won 2nd place for Non-fiction writing and Megan I won 1st place for Non-fiction writing; in KS2, Erin M was given a special commendation for a poem, Emily S came 2nd for a poem and Byron H came first for his poem. Well done! The 2nd and 1st place winners have been invited to the Festival on Saturday 14th May to receive the prizes from Lauren Child, the author of 'Charlie and Lola'.

Stars of the week:
Thomas H and Mason W
Head Teacher awards: Roxanne C, Ottillie S, Byron H

This weekend is a bank holiday; fingers crossed the sun stays out. We look forward to seeing you all on Tuesday 3rd May.


Comic Relief Jokes Raise £36 


Week beginning Monday 28th February  

This week has been a fab week. The children have learnt a lot and have been able to get back to celebrating the key March events of World Book Day and St Piran's Day.

World Book Day.
What a wonderful day this was. The children looked amazing in their costumes and really showed how much they enjoy books. They took part in some great world book day activities, quizzes (Kahoot) and shared a story with each other while eating biscuits and drinking hot chocolate. 

St Piran's Day:
On Friday 4th March, we celebrated St Piran's day. The children wore their black and white colours proudly and took part in some Cornish activities. KS2 led the procession through Bodmin to the Folly where they danced and sang with much gusto. In St Petroc's church, the children performed their 'Tin Stamp' dance to the audience and won much praise and accolades from the organisers. 

Comic Relief:
On Friday the 18th March it is Comic Relief. The school Council has decided to have a non school uniform, with crazy hair day. They would also like each child to bring in a joke for assembly with a prize for the funniest jokes.


Week beginning 7th February 2022 

Safer internet day

This week (on Tuesday 8th February) the children took part in safer internet day. They delved into how they can be safe when playing and having fun online. Unsurprisingly, the children were all very astute and knowledgeable about how to be safe online and understand that online safety and behaviour is just as important as safety in the physical world. The children discussed topics thoughtfully and produce some lovely recipes and posters for having fun and being safe online. Below are some websites you may like to look at with more advice and support for parents and children:

KS2 Music:
KS2 continue to impress with their musical progress; this week they learnt a new French song. It was great to see how quickly they are transferring their skills to learn new songs, read notes and write musical notations too. New videos of their music are coming soon! 

KS1 History:
KS1 this week have been learning how to be a fossil hunter like Mary Anning. They made detailed observations about different fossils and ammonites, and questioned each other and themselves about how these primary sources help them better understand history and Mary Anning. 

Prickles and Paws Hedgehog Sanctuary.
Some children in KS2 have been busy developing their advanced writing techniques with Trust English Lead 'Mrs. Towe' they have been writing fantastic poems, finding information about endangered creatures and written brilliant persuasive letters about supporting hedgehogs, which are surprising, very endangered. On Thursday they, after their hard work on this topic,  were able to have a virtual visit and discussion with the hedgehog sanctuary.

World Book Day:
Thursday 3rd March, on the 2nd week back after 1/2 term, it is 'World Book Day'. We will be taking part in this day as books mean a lot to us at Blisland. We will dress up as our favourite characters and take part in story-themed activities. The school council too have some ideas that they would like to have happen on the day and we'll let you know about these next week after our school council meeting. This week, children will come home with a book token that can be used for a free world book day book (found in most supermarkets and book shops), or to receive money off another book.

Head Teacher awards
: Jack C (Music), Lilly H (Writing), Zenna P (Music), Freya G (Writing and reading), John D (Writing), Todd H(Writing), Harry W (History)
Star of the week: Ava M (Maths) and Roxanne C
School Council Awards: Roxanne C, Freya G, Megan I, Jack S

Have a fantastic weekend and I look forward to seeing you all next week, for our final week before half term


Week beginning 31st January 2022 

It has been a busy couple of weeks and we have weathered our little Covid Storm. The children have been brilliant and have worked as hard as ever and continued to produce amazing work. It was great to see online lessons for those at home and to have work sent in. Fingers cross we can now have a clear run, with no interruptions right through to the summer.

Museum visit and Geography Fieldtrip:
Two weeks ago, the school children visited Truro Museum to explore fossils and historical artefacts in KS1; and for KS2 to get a better understanding of how Britain changed over the Stone Age. The children learnt a lot and also had a wonderful amount of knowledge to share  (the museum staff were impressed). Following the museum visit, we ventured into Truro city where the children were able to conduct some fieldwork linked to last term's Geography. The children in KS1 were able to better understand and identify physical and human landmarks. KS2 were able to identify types of building use in the city center, how it has changed and what changes the community would like to see happen in Truro city in future. They created some good maps and pie charts detailing their findings.

KS2 have concluded their D.T work - designing, creating and evaluating a Neolithic shelter. All shelters were able to withstand the elements test and we were all impressed by the designs, and how realistic some looked.

Safer Internet day:
Next week we will be involved in the annual “Internet Safety Day” on Tuesday 8th February. This year the theme is ‘All fun and games? Exploring respect and relationships online’. The whole school will be involved through a variety of age-related activities. I will in next week's blog let you know how the day went and put on some useful findings and links about safe online use.

Royal Cornwall Art competition:
Children in KS1 and KS2 have been able to send in pieces of art work for a competition with the theme: 'Love is...'. The children have produced some fabulous drawings and poems to show what love is to them. We are keeping our fingers crossed for some winners.

Advance notice: Blisland Fete.
The Blisland community had been busy organizing a return of a community fete to be held on the green two years ago and of course, Covid-19 threw a spanner in the works. I am pleased to say that it is looking very likely to be held this year (Saturday 27th August 2022). There will be stalls, food, drink and games. The school will be involved in games, a fun run and hopefully stalls. If you would like to help in anyway or know of anybody who would like a stall at the fete, please let us know.

World Book Day:
Thursday 3rd March, on the 2nd week back after 1/2 term, it is 'World Book Day'. We will be taking part in this day as books mean a lot to us at Blisland. We will dress up as our favourite characters and take part in story-themed activities. The school council too have some ideas that they would like to have happen on the day and we'll let you know about these next week after our school council meeting. Next week, children will come home with a book token that can be used for a free world book day book (found in most supermarkets and book shops), or to receive money off another book.

Head Teacher Awards: Todd H, Byron H, Emily S, Brianna W, William R, Ottillie W, Jenson R, Jack C, Lola W and Jack G
Star of the week: Byron H

We have reached over the halfway point of the 1/2 term and the work the children are producing is ace. Thank you again as parents for supporting the children and for supporting us over the last couple of weeks as we managed the cluster of Covid Cases. Have a lovely weekend.


Week beginning Monday 3rd January 2022 

Welcome back all! It has been lovely to welcome all the children back this week and despite the initial shock to the system of getting back into the swing of learning and school routines, the children are back to their best. Both classes have a history dominate focus in their learning and we will update the class blogs with more information about the work and how you can support at home next week.

Welcome to Mrs Carr (Miss Chadwick):
Today (Friday) Mrs Carr (Formerly Miss Chadwick) has joined our lovely school community. The children have been very excited to meet her and we are looking forward to quality teaching she'll bring to our school and the excellent opportunity for tuition for small groups and individuals over the coming terms. I know you will all make her feel welcome.

After school clubs:
This 1/2 term we have a Pilates club for KS1 after school on a Tuesday (Please email Mrs Pengelly if you would like your child to sign up for this club. Pilates will start Tuesday 18th January until 1/2 term (3.15-4.00pm). On Tuesdays and Thursdays Y6 will have a revision club for preparing further for end of Key Stage 2 Assessments.

You do not need me to mention that Covid-19 is still prevalent both locally and nationally. As guidance changes, we will update you; and we will endeavour to give the children best normal learning experiences possible. Staff are lateral flow testing regularly over the week and classrooms have carbon dioxide monitors to help indicate when better ventilation is required.

Head Teacher awards: Emily S and Lowen M
Star of the week: Jack S and Lerryn

As always, thank you for being such a positive and supportive parent community. The children thrive with all the support that they have around them and we as a school really appreciate it. Have a lovely weekend.


Week beginning Monday 13th December 2021 

Happy Christmas all!
We have reached the end of the Autumn term and the children have much to be proud of. They have worked hard everyday and all have made good progress. The last week of term was busy with finishing off learning and ensuring we had time to ring-in Christmas with lots of celebrations, fun, Christmas services and visits from Father Christmas. Our Christingle was very special and big thank you goes to the church and Reverend Robin for conducting the service. It is astonishing to think that it is 2-years since we were last there (Hopefully this is a sign that we are turning the tide and approaching normality as we head into spring.)

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and are able to stay Covid-free. School starts back on Tuesday 4th January 2022; and we sincerely look forward to welcoming you back in the new year.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Week beginning 6th December 2021 

Holidays are coming!

It is feeling more 'Christmassy' at Blisland. The children have been able get stuck into their play rehearsal with all children presence. Their singing has sounded amazing. We have had many success this week. It has been particularly good to see our work in our wider curriculum: KS1 have been mapping the local area using sewing skills. We hope to display their work within the local community. KS2 have wowed too with their artistic skills when making Christmas lanterns. They have also soon excellent knowledge and understanding about why Hindus try to be good. 

Christmas Jumper day
Thank you to you all for supporting our Christmas jumper day. We have raised over £30 and this can make a big difference to those not as fortunate, especially during these times. The children are very proud. As always, I was delighted to see the amazing array of Christmas Jumpers on show.

Geography Fieldtrip to Truro.
Children in KS1 have been developing their mapping skills and KS2 have been learning about the geography related to settlements. As part of this learning we intended to visit Truro as a city trip to conduct fieldwork and research; but due to a COVID cluster it set our plans back. It is important for the children to experience this trip; conduct field work and so we are scheduling this visit for after Christmas and hope to combine this with beginning our history topics for the spring by visiting Truro museum. More details will come out in a letter asap.

Christingle Service.
We will end the term this week on Friday with a Christmas/Christingle service in the village church. Children will be learning about Christingle's meaning and making their own as part of it. The service will finish at 2.30pm and children can be collected from the church at this time. Unfortunately it can only be attended by the children and staff.

Head teacher Awards
: Amy I, Megan I, Bella D, Thomas H
Stars of the week: Isla-R-D, Harry W

Here's looking forward to an uninterrupted final week for the children where they can get ready for Christmas and all its excitement. 


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