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Welcome to the Head's Blog! Please visit this page regularly for news, information and updates from Blisland Primary Academy.
Matt Avery, Head of School.

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Week beginning Monday 19th March 2021 

So our second week after full return to school is over, and it has flown by. The children have been so busy learning, playing and of course, looking forward to 'Comic Relief' ('I am not sure what made them so excited?')
I have been able to look at the work and learning across the school, and I am thrilled to see the enthusiasm and confidence in the children when it comes to learning at school. I, as always, look forward to the amazing work I will see next week.

Comic Relief:
Thank you to our School council who organised our theme for running Comic Relief this year. We were able to hold an outdoors, socially distanced assembly to talk about how the charity supports - both in the UK and abroad -  people who may not be in as good a situation as we are. The children looked amazing with their funky hair styles and super hero costumes. They enjoyed the day, and for some reason, they particularly enjoyed splatting me with multi-coloured foam (Many had been anticipating this event all week and I was amazed at how many wanted to splat me more than once!). The children were fabulous and have raised £60 for Comic relief. Well done!

Accelerating Learning:
You will hopefully be aware of how schools will be endeavouring to make up for any lost learning or opportunities due to the pandemic and lockdowns. We have begun to identify where we can support the children further and have started to 'Catch up'. The children however, rightly, want to call this extra learning 'Accelerating learning'. This is to reflect that we will be speedily learning bits that we missed and to recognise the fact that our children attended school both in the building and online brilliantly, and their gaps are not wide. The children are doing fantastically well; they show such resilience and will bounce back rapidly. 

Learning this week:
This week I have seen some amazing learning. KS1 have begun a series of lessons about a superhero called Traction Man. They have thought about the characters in the story, made good predictions and described brilliantly. 
KS2 have started writing their own versions of a poetry book called: 'Where my wellies take me'. They have described their journey with such good detail, used a range of different sentence types/techniques and then embedded poems they have written - I was truly wowed to read them and will share some on the blog next week when they are completed. 

Have a lovely weekend; the weather's looking fine and we look forward to seeing you all next week.

Matt Avery
(Head of School)



Week beginning Monday 8th March 2021 

It has been great to see everyone back in school and I am not surprised to see how well the children have settled as they never fail to impress us. They have caught up with friends wonderfully, got back into the swing of school rules and routines, and have the same enthusiasm and love of learning as ever. We are so proud of them!

This week Key Stage 2 have begun their music programme looking at playing percussion instruments. They were able to learn notes and keys, began to understand reading music and played part of 'Drunken Sailor' using knowledge of ostinato (repeating patterns). 

Comic Relief (Friday 19th March):
Friday is Comic relief. The children really enjoy taking part in this day and supporting the charity. The school council have decided to support 'Comic relief' this year by dressing in non-school uniform with fun and funky hair. They would like any change or donation you are able to give. Additionally, they have persuaded me to be pied in the face for 50p a splat; Children only I'm afraid :) . We hope you'll be able to support us on this day and we look forward to seeing the amazing hair styles. 

KS1 Maths:
KS1 this week have got straight back into the swing of learning in maths with some great work on shape and counting in 5s. Children were quick to notice lines of symmetry and could create their own lines of symmetry when making shape patterns. Great linking of learning KS1!

Reading continues to be a focus at Blisland as we want the children to be excellent and passionate readers. All classes have access to readings spines, use vipers to develop reading skills and have begun to become reciprocal learners (helping each other). Please continue to support reading at home as often as possible: hearing the children read and asking questions about the book. Asking them to summarise what happened in a story or non-fiction book is a skill all should be good with. Now lockdown has ended, we will be able to reward continued reading as usual with raffle tickets. Children will earn a raffle ticket for every 10 times they read. Children can earn extra reading raffle tickets (10) for reading a book from their class's book spine and reviewing it.

Parents consultation:
On Monday 22nd March and Wednesday 23rd March we will be hosting virtual parent consultations; we will be sending out Arbor invites from tomorrow. You can request a Microsoft Teams (Using the pupil login) or Phone consultation to discuss your child's learning and progress on these days.  

We hope you have had a good Mothering Sunday and we look forward to seeing you all in the morning.

Best Wishes,

Matt Avery
(Head of School)




We're are excited that the children are coming back! 

Hello all, and happy Friday,

All of us at Blisland are very much looking forward to all of the children returning from Monday. It feels strange as we have seen all the children online and in school; the engagement in learning and working has been excellent and it's a routine that everyone has gotten use to. But there isn't a substitute really for in school learning and (importantly) face-to-face socialising of the children in class.
Can I just say once again how amazing you and the children have been through this lockdown; they have shown resilience and have made progress with their learning along the way - this will stand them in good-stead for the rest of the year which I am very optimistic about. 

The routines for arriving, attending and departing school which were in place during the Autumn term will start again from Monday 8th March. You will have received an email detailing your drop-off and pick-up group (time). If you have any issues surrounding this or just would generally like a chat for other support, please do let us know. I will be at the front of school every morning and most afternoons, or you can get in contact via email. 

World Book Day:
We had a lovely world book day in school. Children read and heard stories, created books and even made character potatoes. It was lovely to see how much enthusiasm they have for books and world book day. 

Microsoft Teams:
The children who have been learning remotely have used teams brilliantly for learning, discussing and sending in work. Now that children are back in school, please ensure that Microsoft teams is not used for chat and video purposes. We will check to make sure this is the case.

Moving forward, we as a school and Trust are looking into how we can continue to make the most of Microsoft teams for learning and communication purposes. We feel that you and the children know how to use it well and it could be a good platform for additional work, support, homework and keeping in touch with you. Hopefully it will be used for these reasons asap. It may also allow our children to work with children from other schools in our trust more regularly too. 

Wellbeing and recovery:
We will be putting the children's safety and wellbeing first as always. During the first week we will make sure that they are settled and feel safe and happy in the school routines. Where children need support emotionally or academically we will make strong provision to help. There may be gaps in learning which we are ready to help close but equally we know how well the children have accessed learning over the last 8-weeks and are ready to stretch their learning and capabilities too.  The children may feel anxious, excited or both about returning to school and in general about the pandemic. We will support with this too. I have uploaded a video which is a nice mindfulness story about validating feelings. We don't need to ignore and lose negative feelings, we have to accept them and aim to focus on the positives. 

Have lovely weekend and we look forward to seeing you and the children (distanced and in our bubbles) on Monday.

Best wishes,

Matt Avery
(Head of school)


Week beginning Monday 24th January 2021 

Remote learning continues - and very well too!

We are very much into the swing of things for home learning and the children have engaged and responded in the most amazing way - they are a model for how they will not allow this situation (or the press) tell them that they will lose their learning.

Children have attended lessons well (we can see this on our record of daily attendance of different learning sessions). Thank you all for the work that you send through. There are some excellent pieces of work coming in daily. We would like, where possible, for at least one English, one Maths and one other curriculum subject to be sent through to us each week so that we can support the children's leaning as best as possible. As always, if you require any support or resources, please do get in touch.

We want enable the children as best as possible and make sure with get the quantity and delivery of work right for the children. The children have responded brilliantly as I have mentioned and now that we have at least another 4-weeks of online learning ahead of us, it is important to reflect. Many schools have not offered live online lessons but we feel this is best for the children and is working. Please complete this online survey about online learning so we can continue to provide a good online learning service to the children:

Children's Mental wellbeing week 1st February:
This week coming there will be a focus on children's mental wellbeing. We will continue to have live online sessions as the children working together with our current routines is certainly positive for their wellbeing. We will be attaching extra things to do, or not do, after the last session of each day so that the children can focus on mindfulness and their mental health. Extra information can be found on the following weblink: https://www.childrensmentalhealthweek.org.uk/parents-and-carers/

Do keep in touch, and keep sending your completed work to us. I am looking forward to putting more photos of home learning on the school webpage next week.

Stay safe and well. Best wishes,

Matt Avery
(Head of school)


Welcome back, well, almost... 

Happy New year

We hope you all had a happy and relaxing Christmas and were able to stay well too. We really enjoyed having the children back with us on Monday - they started with their usual enthusiasm and it certainly boded well for the spring term and any catch-up they would have been part of.

Alas, the announcement made later that day - for understandable reasons - has scuppered these plans and we are back to remote learning. We are open for vulnerable children and children of critical workers. Do get in touch if this service is needed. We will continue to operate in two safe bubbles.

Remote, live, online learning will be provided by our staff everyday via Microsoft teams with follow up work provided. You will have received an email with login details and an explanation on how to use the platform. The timetable is provided in these details and is next to this blog.

If you require any support in using this platform, do get in touch; likewise if you require any printed or physical resources.

We look forward to seeing some of you in school and most of you online.

Stay safe, and fingers crossed we will have you all back soon.

Best wishes,

Matt Avery
(Head of school)


Happy Christmas! 

Well, we have reached the end of the Autumn term, an Autumn term like no other (hopefully it will be the first and last time a pandemic affects us) 

Christmas lunch:
Thank you to Sam and the PTA for helping us have a Christmas lunch. The children enjoyed their meal and all the festivities.

Christmas Jumper day:
Thank you and the children for supporting our Christmas Jumper day (Save the Children charity) It was great see what amazing Christmas jumpers are available (Dinosaurs seem to be the trend at the moment) The children showed wonderful empathy for the cause we raised money for and were rightly proud as we have raised nearly £40. To put that into context, £1 can give young children antibiotic treatment in parts of the world where they are not as lucky to have an amazing NHS like we do. 

Although we haven't been able to have a nativity in a way we would all prefer, the children have worked hard in creating a short video telling the Christmas story. They have acted wonderfully and have enjoyed being  'Film-stars'. Thank you KS1 parents for finding costumes so speedily and KS1 staff for organising the filmed performance. We hope you enjoy the film and are able to keep the film as a little bit of history ('life in school during a pandemic'). DVDs will be given out on Friday - one per family. 

Christmas Parties - Thursday 17th December:
Thank you to Mrs Pearce for arranging for party food and few surprises for Thursday 17th December. In the afternoon, children will be able to have a Christmas party and other activities to say a big well done to them for working so hard, and being so brave and positive during the current climate. If the children would like to wear the Christmas jumper and non-school uniform again on this day, they are more than welcome to.

Letters from Cornwall Local Authority:
Emailed to you and at the bottom of this blog is a letter from the local authority about keeping safe over the Christmas period. We have been very good to keep cases low in the county which is a credit to all who live here - the letter details advice and guidance on the Christmas period.  If between now and the 24th December your child or children are tested and have a positive result, please email me so that I can work with the local authority, Department for education and Public Health England to contact others who may have been in contact with the confirmed case. (email address on the letter sent via email)

Over this term the children have learnt much, enjoyed being with their friends - enjoyed a sense of safe normality which is so important. I revel in seeing how well the children achieve and enjoy themselves at Blisland - they truly are wonderful children. 

To finish off, please accept my sincere gratitude for your on going support for the school. Your backing has allowed us to keep the children safe and well, learning lots and just able to be children. Have a wonderful and safe Christmas and here's to a 2021 that bares now resemblance to 2020. We look forward to seeing you all on Monday 4th January 2021.

Best Wishes,

Matt Avery
(Head of School)

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Week beginning Monday 30th November 2020 

Less than 3-weeks till Christmas!

We are entering our final 2-weeks of the Autumn term but I won't jinx it any further and just it has been in great to have the children with us for a sustained period of time and with only minor disruptions. Keep up the great work as being careful and keeping good distance has help us manage this tricky time.

Odd Socks Day:
Thank you to all the children for wearing their odd socks a couple of weeks ago in support of Anti-bullying. The children explored the topic well with good understanding and empathy. They have all made pledges for what they can do individually and as a team to keep our school a kind, accepting and empathetic place. Well done all. There were also some amazing combinations of odd socks on show. 

Suez Christmas Hampers:
A huge well done to Izzy and Lola who have been collecting food and creating Christmas hampers which will be given to Suez Recycling who will then donate them to charity. Izzy and Lola have show real thought and kindness this endeavour; they are a great example for what we like to see in our Blisland school community. 

Christmas Forest school:
This week, both bubbles have been making some amazing handmade Christmas decorations during their forest school afternoon. They worked well as a team and showed some superb individual creativity. Many of the decorations reminded me very much of the lovely natural decorations which can be found at the Eden project.

Friday afternoons:
To enable us to continue to keep our school as Covid-secure as possible, Fridays will remain a 1/2 day in the same way it is at present. With the virus still wide spread in the community I would hate to see a bubble or whole school closure and this is one way we are able to keep the school clean and running at present. I understand it is not ideal; we will review this before Spring 1/2-term. If there are occasions that pick ups are tricky on these afternoons, please let us know as with advanced notice we may be able to help. Thank for your understanding with this. 

Christmas Cards:
We know how much the children enjoy giving out Christmas cards so we will have a Christmas card post box positioned outside the nursery. To help us make sure we can deliver these cards safely, please have cards posted by the end of the day on Monday 14th December. We can then allow the cards to rest for 72-hours before handing out to reduce risk of any 'bugs' being passed (Try seal envelopes by tucking the flap in rather than licking). 

Christmas Dinner and Christmas Jumper day:
This Friday (Friday 11th December) there will be a Christmas dinner option for children. The children will eat in their bubbles, be wearing their best (or cheesiest) Christmas jumper and I am sure, have a merry old time. 

We are looking forward to rounding up this term's learning with the children and enabling them to have some Christmas fun with each other - allowing children to be children in these challenging times is so important and we all revel in the innocence, resilience and fun the children have. They are, as always, a real credit to you all.

Best wishes,

Matt Avery
(Head of School)


Week beginning Monday 9th November 2020 

6-weeks until Christmas!

The days and weeks are gathering pace and it is hard to believe that Christmas is so close (I am sure the children are beginning to sense it). The new school roof is well and really starting to take shape and will give the school a new lease of life: truly reflecting the pride we have in all we do at Blisland. As always, we look forward to the achievements the children will have over the coming weeks.

Children in need:
On Friday the children took part in Children in Need. The showed enthusiasm and empathy in abundance for the charity and we are proud to have such caring children at our school. Throughout the day the children took part in activities and games while in non-school uniforming - some wearing the most spots I have ever seen in years. Congratulations to those children who won prizes for ‘Pin the patch on Pudsey’ and for those who wore the most spots. Also we thank our school council for organising the ideas for the day. We are pleased to note that we made nearly £100 for Children in need.

Polite plea:
With building works going on at present we are further restricted on how much space we have for parking during drop off and pick ups. Please may I ask that we try not to park or block driveways of our local residents. We at school will also work harder to ensure we get children to you on time so that waiting times are as short as possible.

TikTok is the latest craze enjoyed by teenagers and young adults; like all these social media apps online, caution and parental vigilance is required. When you download the app users can see all the content without creating an account although they are not able to post, like or share anything until they’ve set up an account on the app. You can set up your account by using your existing Google, Facebook, Instagram account, via email or phone. By default all accounts are public so anyone on the app can see what your child shares. However, only approved followers can send them messages. Users can like or react to a video, follow an account or send messages to each other. There is the risk that strangers will be able to directly contact children on the app. Children may be tempted to take risks to get more of a following or likes on a video so it’s important to talk about what they share and with who. To delete an account you have to request a code from the app using a phone number. Please note, just like facebook and other social medias, children must be 13 or older to have and use an account.

Anti-Bullying week:
Starting Monday (16th November), it is Anti-Bullying week and we will be participating whole-heartedly. During the week the children will take part in learning and activities - ending with a non-school uniform day with odd socks (The theme of the week) on Friday 20th November.

Van Gough Art:
Over the past 2-weeks, children in KS1 have experimented with creating landscape pictures around the theme of seasons in the style of Van Gough. The creativity of the children always blows me away - they are a very talented lot.

Best wishes,

Matt Avery


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