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Forest School 

What wonderful weather we had for our Forest School session this week! We reminded ourselves just how well we can persevere when we want to as some of us found striking the fire steel a bit challenging. Mrs Harrison assures us that it will be easier when the fire steel has been used more - we hope she is right!

Mrs Harrison was amazed at how quickly we could come together when she called 'One, two, three, sticky elbows'. We hadn't forgotten after all. 

Some of us had fun building dens, dens for ourselves and dens for little creatures, some of us played chasing games and some of us remained at the fire pit making sure we really knew how to create sparks for when we need to light a fire. Marshmallows are on the menu for next week - delicious!


Welcome back! 

Hello everyone!

It is nearly time for us to come back to school and we have worked hard to make sure your classroom is looking lovely. All we need now is you! Mr Avery has sent you a letter with lots of information on so please make sure you read it carefully. We can’t wait to hear about all you have been doing since the last time we saw you and are looking forward to our first day back.

See you soon,

Mrs Harrison, Mrs Powdrill and Ms Cullip


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