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Seed Bombs 

During literacy we have been learning about instruction texts. We learned our story map about 'How to Make a Seed Bomb' and used our Remember it Rhino skills to identify the features of a set of instructions. Then we learned them.

Mrs Harrison checked we knew the instructions really well and, working as Teamwork Turtles, we made our own seed bombs.

Now it is important that we remember our science work about how to make sure the seeds can germinate and grow. We have taken our seed bombs home so if we take good care of them and look after them we should have some or our own little meadows.


Meadowsong Event 


This week we were able to share our learning with our parents - something we haven't done, in person, for a very long time! 

We showed what we had learned about dynamics, tempo and steady beat with our musical performance and, judging by the smiles on our audiences' faces, we did a stunning performance!

The artwork we created was fabulous and will be on display soon - so watch this space for a photograph of the display in our classroom. 

After our performance we took our audience outside to our 'Meadowsong Plant and Cake Sale'. Tesco had kindly donated some seeds and cakes to sell and we had grown some plants to sell. Many thanks to those of you who donated the plant pots, compost and seeds for us to do this. We raised over £70! 

If you would like to see some beautiful meadows then Cardinham Airfield are happy for visitors to pop in and wander round or if you fancy going further afield, the poppy fields at Crantock are looking particularly stunning at the moment - but remember to stay on the pathways! 



This term we are learning all about plants and how they grow healthily. We are using the theme 'Meadowsong' to link our learning. Some of our poetry is amazing as we have used our fabulous vocabulary.

In science we will learn all about plants and how they need certain conditions to grow healthily. We will also be planting our own meadow in the school grounds. Some of us are desperate to see our seed balls germinate - we really don't want to wait!

Other areas of our wider curriculum that we will cover are art, music and dance. At the end of all our hard work we should have a developing meadow and a performance to share with our parents. 

Keep watching our blog for more information about our learning!


Animal Dance 

Animal Dance

Here we are performing our Animal Dance that we created with Mrs Blackburn. We worked on different levels, with different directions and different speeds. It was fabulous fun and we all felt very proud of our creation. 


Healthy Teeth - British Science Week 

Over the last few days we have been thinking really carefully about how to keep ourselves healthy. We have considered how to eat healthily, keep our minds healthy and keep our bodies healthy. Some of us are trying even harder to make good choices about our lives. 

While we have been thinking about being healthy we also learned about how to keep our teeth healthy. We already knew about eating less sugar and fat to keep our bodies healthier but wondered about how this could affect our teeth. One of the children brought us some eggs from their chickens in so we could test what different drinks could do to our teeth. Our teeth are made from a similar substance to the egg shells. 

Having washed them out we left them overnight in cola, milk and orange juice. We predicted what we thought would happen and some of us were able to talk about why we made our predictions. 

Next day we looked at how the eggs had changed. After seeing what happened some of us will be drinking more milk and water and less sugary drinks! We learned that it is really important to keep our teeth clean and listened to a little song. Here it is. We hope you enjoy it! We did!


Healthy Lifestyle Day 

Last week we learned all about different food groups and how to eat a balanced diet. Some of us are really going to try hard to eat more fruit and vegetables because we know that the vitamins and minerals in them are very important. After this we learned how to use knives and peelers safely - we created fruit kebabs which we ate for snack - delicious!

Today we had a wonderful day making kebabs using some of the healthy ingredients we have learned about. We had fun keeping our minds and bodies healthy by focusing on our mental health as well as a healthy diet. As we explored different foods we all put something we hadn't tried before on our kebabs - we were amazed to find that some of us really enjoyed the new food. 

Using what we know about being safe at Forest School, we cooked our kebabs over the fire - don't we look like we are enjoying them! 

As we have learned if we are being healthy we can still have things that are less healthy too so we finished off with a hot chocolate! 


Storm Day Home Learning - 18th February 2022 

Good morning everyone! We were looking forward to seeing you today and finishing our fabulous posters on plastic and why it is a problem in the oceans but the storm has put a stop to that. You can find your work for today in the files section in Teams or here on our class blog. If you have any questions you can email me or send me a message on the Teams chat. Please stay indoors and stay safe and have a well deserved relaxing and fun half term. You have all earned it! 

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Investigating Historical Evidence 

How do we know about Mary Anning's life which was so long ago?

This week in our history lesson we explored primary and secondary sources of historical evidence which help us to find out about Mary Anning's life and achievements. 

We worked well together, asking questions about the evidence and deciding which evidence supported each statement about our famous historical figure. We explored fossils, Mary Anning's drawings from her sketch book, photos of her famous discoveries kept in museums, different books and online sources of information. 


A visit to Truro 

Investigating Truro

This week we visited Truro Museum to explore the past. We learned how Stone Age people lived and how they used natural materials to make tools. Some of us made some really insightful comments about how they lived. We looked at artefacts and then had a go at making our own clay pots - our designs are wonderful but you will need to wait for photographs of our work! 

We also walked around Truro to look at how Truro is similar or different to Blisland. There were very tall buildings, the cathedral, lots of shops and only a few houses in the centre of the city. It was amazing to see the cobbled streets which we don't have in Blisland. Some of us explained that some of the streets are main roads and in the centre of Truro there are no back roads whereas in Blisland there are many more back roads. 

We had a wonderful time in Truro and some of us are so excited that we are going to take our families there soon.


Amazing writers! 

Little Red Riding Hood

We have been writing our stories using the story map to help us. The story map has helped us so much that we were able to show how much we are improving our writing as we already had some fabulous ideas for what to write. 

Mrs Towe came to see what super writers we have become and she was totally amazed! We didn't know we could write so much and we are all terribly proud of ourselves. 

What do you think?

Can you spot the writing that is based on 'The Wolf's Story'? Lok on a previous blog if you want to hear that version. 


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