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Today we used the skills we have developed over the term to create these wonderful paintings.
The children used their knowledge of colour mixing to make shades to match the colour of their fruit. They then carefully observed what they were painting to ensure that their interpretation was accurate. 
We discussed how to use different sized brushes to add detail and practised controlling our movements to create the shapes we wanted.

The children really amazed me with their quiet focus and attention to detail today. Here are a few pieces of their wonderful work. 



Tints and Tones

We have been learning about tints and tones! 
We learned to recognise that colours come in different shades, some light, some dark and some more vibrant than others. We foraged around the school field and matched our findings to the shades in a colour chart. We learned that we can change the shade of a colour by mixing it with white or black paint. You can see here some of our colour mixing experiments. 




This term we have been developing our emotional literacy inspired by the book The Colour Monster. From this, we learned to recognise and name our basic emotions: happy, sad, calm, angry, fear and love. We learned that everybody experiences all of these things although we can present emotions differently.
We found out that emotions can have different 'shades', for example, being 'happy' is different from being 'ecstatic' and 'sad' is different from 'devastated'. We have begun adding our emotions to a class display to help us express our feelings. 




Working Scientifically 

As well as developing our scientific knowledge, we teach the children the skills needed to work like scientists too! This week, we were learning to make predictions through a scientific enquiry.

During the experiment, we were challenged to use each of our senses to predict the items that we were presented with. We had to touch, smell, listen, taste and observe a range of things and then make predictions as to what they using reasoned arguements. 



Maths In Action

The children in Year 1 and 2 have been exploring place value this term. During the unit, we have used lots of concrete apparatus and maths 'in action' to develop our fluency and understanding of numbers. Our approach to maths teaches the children to reason about their findings and to solve mathematical problems. We want all children to leave our school equipped with the mathematical skills and knowledge they need to thrive now and in the future. 



Exploring Colour

Kensa Class have had lots of fun finding, sorting and experimenting with colours this week. 

We found out that the primary colours are ‘magic’ because we can use them to mix secondary colours!

We will be continuing to experiment with colour mixing and painting techniques throughout the term. 


Autumn Term 2023 

Welcome Back!

We are very excited to welcome the children back to Kensa Class this term! Here is a sneak peak of some of the exciting new areas we have for them to enjoy! 

Please find below some updates and reminders for the new term:

This year you will be able to follow your child's learning journey using Seesaw. Please let me know if you have any problems accessing your account.

Reading is one of the most important things we do in Kensa Class and we continue to encourage all children to read aloud to an adult at least 4 x per week. Please remember to record any reading in your child’s reading record – they love to share this with us!

Inside your child’s reading pack you will find:

Your child’s reading record (please record in this each time you hear your child read aloud at home).

2 Read Write Inc books (your child should be reading these regularly throughout the week in order to develop their fluency and comprehension. If they finish them, please read them again and again and again)!

A reading for pleasure book (these are books chosen by your child, for you to read to them at home. We will change these over every Monday but you are very welcome to swap them yourself at any time during the week. The books can be found in the reading for pleasure box in the children’s cloakroom).

Books will be changed every Monday. We really want children to enjoy the time they spend reading with you. Little and often is much better than sitting them down to read the whole book (2/3 pages a day is fine) and as they progress they may wish to start exploring other texts of their choice such as magazines, websites, recipes etc.

PE/Outdoor Learning
We love to go outdoors at Blisland but the weather is not always kind! To help us embrace the rain it is important that we can get the children warm and dry again. For this reason, we would like children to have their PE kit, a change of clothes and a coat in school at all times.

If there is anything you wish to discuss, please always feel free to pop in!

Best wishes,
Sally Elliott
(Class Teacher, EYFS, English, Science and Mental Health and Wellbeing Lead) 


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