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The Wolf's Story 

The Wolf's Story

This is a video clip of someone reading the story Mrs Harrison read in Literacy today - we thoroughly enjoyed it.

Some of the children enjoyed it so much they wanted to hear it again! So here it is...

Do you think the wolf is really so kind and gentle?


Spring Term 2022 

This term we will be learning all about Mary Anning in History, finding out about why she was such a significant person and how her discoveries changed the world's thinking. Some of us are already so excited about this that we have begun to find out facts ourselves! 
In Science we will be learning all about animals and their needs, along with learning about herbivores, carnivores and omnivores. This will be linked with healthy eating and our DT mini topic will be food and nutrition - so we will actually be making some snacks and learning about food groups, too! 
Some of this will be supported by our Computing lessons where we will learn how to access information on the internet safely. We will learn about the different ways we can communicate using technology - some of us have been doing this with our families over the last few months. 
Mrs Blackburn will continue to teach PE on Tuesdays and run an after school club for us and every day we are going to do  'Funfit' to develop our co-ordination. 
Alongside all of this we will be learning about multiplication and division in maths and doing lots of reading and writing during Literacy. At the moment we are writing Little Red Riding Hood - you should see our cunning fox faces when we read our story map! 
Look out soon for some photographs of our learning! 


Autumn 2 - Kensa  

This half term we have been learning about computing and how to program Scratch. We have used key vocabulary such as 'algorithm' and 'debug' which were quite tricky to say! It's really exciting to see what Scratch can do and solve problems if he doesn't do what we expect him to. Changing the background and changing our sprite is something we really enjoy and we are beginning to be detectives when we have to debug our algorithms. 

In maths we have been learning about addition and subtraction and have discovered how useful the bar model is for showing this. We are really improving our ability to quickly recall number facts. Numbots is really helping us to do this and some of us are remembering to have a practice at home to get even better!

In Literacy we have been writing our adventure stories - it is good to see how much we are improving as writers when we really concentrate! Lots of us are really excited to be using our 'tasty' words - words that make our writing much more interesting. 

Next week we are going to be doing lots of Christmas learning, including making our little stockings using the running stitch we have learned in Art and Design. Very soon we will be able to put a photograph of our large scale art work that represents our local area - Blisland. Keep a look out on here - you'll be amazed!


Forest School Fun! 

Perseverance !

Mrs Harrison helped us remember how to be safe at the fire circle and also how to use the fire steel. Some of us worked really hard to strike the fire steel and light our cotton wool ball. It took some of us a REALLY long time but we persevered and managed it! What an amazing feeling that was! It was then our job to coach our friends so they could learn how to do this too. 

We used the charcoal left over from last time and did some drawing - including on our faces! Don't worry - Mrs Harrison made sure we knew the rules about how to do this safely!


Another busy few weeks! 

This week we have learned a poem at Forest School – it was a poem about forest sounds, after all! Since then we have worked towards writing our own poems which we will publish later. We used nouns and verbs in our poems; some of us used some very interesting vocabulary.

In maths we are continuing to learn about place value and numbers – we found a lovely activity to practise using tens and ones – here is the link.

We have been learning about the Christian story of Creation in Religious Education and discussing the amazing world we live in, including the sun, moon, stars and all the trees, plants and animals that live in various habitats around the world.  

In Geography we have learned about local landmarks in our village and will look a little further afield soon.

Our ICT skills are improving as we have started using Scratch Junior to create simple instructions for characters to follow, so much new learning no wonder we are tired!


A busy week! 

Well, what a busy week we have had!

We have been to forest school to collect ideas for our poetry, learned about beat and rhythm in music with Georgina Bridle, considered how our actions affect other people and found out about the capital cities and countries of the United Kingdom. It was wonderful to see Mrs Blackburn on Tuesday and she taught us how to skip around the playground – some of us will need to practise though!

In the mornings we explored how numbers are made up of tens and ones and counted carefully in maths, created lots of ideas for poetry in Literacy and practised our reading. It certainly is time for the weekend.

Here are some pictures of us having fun – look out for more about our learning soon!


How can we protect Planet Earth? 

'How can we protect Planet Earth?' is our enquiry question for this term.

Our first unit of work will be poetry and we will be generating lots of ideas and writing simple poems about where we live. After this we will be reading 'The Journey Home' by Frann Preston-Gannon.
For Geography we will be looking at our local area in terms of physical and human features and comparing this to an urban area. Thinking about how we can improve and protect Earth will be central to what we learn along with considering our impact. This will start us thinking about how we can do little things to reduce our carbon footprint and help to lessen climate change. Our fieldwork visit will be to a contrasting environment. 

Art will focus on textiles and sculpture working towards creating a work that represents Earth.

Our Science will centre around materials and how they can be changed. This will be linked to recycling and our impact on earth. We will also consider animals and how our actions have an impact on their environment.

We will also be learning about algorithms in Computing and Mrs Blackburn will be leading our PE sessions on Tuesdays while Mrs Powdrill will be doing Dance with us on Fridays.

Mostly our Maths will stand outside our topic but, where we can we will make links. To start with we will be thinking about numbers and place value, moving on to look at addition and subtraction later in the term. 


Welcome back to Kensa Class! 

We hope you have all had a wonderful summer break and have managed to stay safe and well throughout. We have been busy making sure everything is ready for when we come back to school and we cannot wait to see you all again! 

Here are just a couple of reminders that will help things happen smoothly.

Please could you send your child with their forest school clothing on these dates.

  • 6th September
  • 20th September
  • 4th October
  • 18th October
Collection on Forest School days will be from the canteen. 

Every day children will need their PE kit in school so please send this in a drawstring bag on the first day back. Book bags and water bottles should be sent in every day. 

One final plea - could you make sure everything is named as all jumpers, T shirts, shoes etc, look the same to us!

See you all on Monday
Mrs Harrison and Mrs Powdrill


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