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Easter Holidays 

Hello everyone!

We hope you are staying safe and looking after each other at home. Are you remembering how to wash your hands properly while you sing Happy Birthday? 
There has been some work set for you on our class pages and we hope you have had a go with some of this. 
However, the next two weeks are really the Easter holiday so we aren’t going to put any new learning on here as we know you need a break. Perhaps you could make an Easter egg hunt, go for a bike ride (only with your family though) or build a den in the garden... We know there are lots of other exciting things you could be doing at home. What will you choose?
Just after Easter weekend we will put some more learning on here for you. Perhaps someone will help you put your learning into a scrapbook or folder so you can share it with us when we are able to go to school again. Remember, you can email some of your learning to us. The email address is on the Head’s Blog. 
We are sure you will be going outside in your garden lots but here are a few fun things Mrs Powdrill has been looking at online :
- David Walliams is releasing one of his World's Worst Children stories free each day to listen to online

- Steve Backshall is live on facebook each day answering wildlife, biology and science questions and running live quizzes. Go to his fb page and click on events!

- Joe Wickes is offering live PE lessons at 9am on Youtube but you can visit any time to watch the clips again. 
Some of the things we had planned for you included learning about plants. Perhaps you could grow some seeds in plastic bags so you can see the roots and shoots. You could begin to take photos every couple of days to show how your beans change. Mrs Powdrill says that Asda in Bodmin will open their garden centre section if you want to buy seeds. Mrs Harrison has just planted her pea seeds outside - wait and see if they grow! 

Can you think of any stories about plants growing?

Have a lovely holiday! 
Mrs Harrison and Mrs Powdrill


St Piran's Day - 5th March 

While the KS2 children took part in the St Piran's day parade in Bodmin, Kensa class found out who St Piran was and how he is linked to the design on the Cornish flag. The children were very surprised to hear that St Piran supposedly lived to 200 years old! We had a look at flags from around the world and chose to either design our own flag or to make a Cornish flag.


Home learning information 

Keep busy and Carry on!

Dear parents/carers,
We are unfortunately closed to keep you all safe and stem the spread of coronavirus (if you are a critical worker or have vulnerability, you will have been contacted - Wadebridge Primary Academy is kindly acting as a hub for Blisland). We have sent to you home learning packs for the children to work through linked to previous learning and to help them strengthen what they already know. We have also placed some work/resources on the class blogs. Reading often, practising times table and writing often (stories or keeping a diary) will be useful. 

• Nrich maths fun puzzles and activities
• Read stories or non-fiction books to your children and talk about the stories
• EYFS number-blocks (Cbeebies)
• Pupil Prompt sheets
• Play (e.g. games such as Snakes and Ladders, role play, listening games like ‘Guess the Sound’)
• Bake (talk about how heavy things are, how much more or less ingredients are needed). When cooking and eating talk about halving and equal sharing
• Please upload any activities you do to tapestry (if you are able to)

• Writing - stories linked to literacy shed videos - these are in categories further down the page on the website ( ). Write a story full of description.
• Hear your children read - try to use the vipers questions to support their comprehension skills.
• Follow the Maths prompt sheet to practise maths skills.
• Practise 2, 5 and 10 times table.
• Spellings to practise.
• Websites:
5. Explorify is good online science resource and is free to sign up:
8. Now the children have library cards this site has e-books:

Best wishes,

Mrs Harrison and Mrs Powdrill

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Visiting the Library 

Bodmin Library

This week we visited Bodmin Library - what an amazing place it was! We all managed to do the treasure hunt and looked at lots of exciting books. The library staff helped us choose books to take home with us and they gave us our own library cards. At the end of our visit we learned how to loan our books using our new library cards and we will be sure to visit again soon. 

What sort of books do you like to borrow from the library?


Sorting Animals 

Fish have bumpy scales, don't they?

Last week we sorted animals into groups, talking about whether they had wings or not, if they were mammals or not, and using many other criteria. We also talked about how animals have lungs or gills to breathe. One of the statements that someone made was 'Fish are bumpy as they have scales.'

After much discussion we decided that we needed to find out if fish really were bumpy and that the best way was to look at a fish - a real one. Mrs Harrison bought a fish in and we looked at it, felt it and each held an individual scale. We decided that fish are slippery and smooth. We also looked at the gills - very strange looking, we thought!

Some of us were curious about what was inside a fish so we had a good look. Everyone remembered to wash their hands very carefully afterwards.


Meerkat Mail 

Sunny the meerkat comes to Blisland!

We have a visitor! Sunny, from Meerkat Mail, has come to visit us and will be spending each night in a different home. As his usual home is the Kalahari Desert, he is finding life very different in Cornwall. He is really looking forward to travelling around and has brought his diary for us to record all of his adventures.

As the term progresses we will be learning about different animals, what they need and all about some of their habitats. At the end of January we will be going to Newquay Zoo and finding out more about animals - we're even going to handle some so watch out for photos of this!


Victorian Drop Biscuits 

We finished our big question 'Who were the Victorians?' by making Victorian Drop Biscuits. Mrs Harrison did the shopping and we did the rest! We weighed, counted and mixed all of the ingredients and, having seen how to make them on a video clip, we made sure we did everything in the right order. As we were having biscuits we thought we should also have a cup of tea - so we had tea and biscuits later that day. A fantastic finish to our theme! 

If you would like to make these delicious biscuits here is the link to the video clip.



A Visit to Lanhydrock House and Gardens 

What a wonderful day we have had! It was a crisp, wintery day today and we started off with a walk around the grounds - some of us were VERY chilly but we still managed to stop for a snack in the woods. Every time we stopped we saw a little robin who came so close we could almost touch him! After our walk we visited the house and saw the hall where the Masked Ball would have been. Everyone was fascinated with the kitchen where we particularly enjoyed popping the cloves into the oranges - we took real care over our designs. After our lunch we dressed in Victorian clothes, some of which we particularly liked. The hats were delightful!
We will all sleep extremely well tonight after so much walking!



Winter Reading Challenge

The Reading Agency are running a Winter Mini Challenge, all you have to do is read 3 books between Monday 2nd December and Friday 13th January 2020. Add each book to your website profile and write a review to let everyone know what you thought. There are virtual certificates and badges to download and a design a perfect pet pug competition where you can win a set of books by Reeve and McIntyre.


What can you find? 

In Science we have been exploring the different materials around school - now we can name the object and tell you what material it is made of. This week we took photographs of different materials around school using our iPads. They were very strange when we looked at them very close up. Come and look in our floor book to see what we found!

What can you find at home that is made of wood, metal, glass, plastic or rock? Take a close up photograph and bring it in to show us!


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