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Reception week 8.2.2021 

Hello everyone!

It's nearly halfterm and you have all been working really hard. Well done!

Here is the document with the activities for this week along with some links to maths video clips. There is a clip for each day if you can manage it and an activity to go alongside that. We have also included some trickier words for you to have a go at reading - you may recognise some of them from our phonic sessions!

We will continue to see you for phonics and a chat on Wednesday if you can make it. 

As always, if you need anything just send us an email or

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Reception week 1.2.2021 

Hello everyone!

It's been lovely to see you during phonics and we are really pleased with how you are remembering our new 'special friends'. Last week we learned ay, ee, igh, ow, oo and we wrote lots of words using these sounds. We are also writing words with two consonants at the start - clap, sniff, snap, flop. Keep practising these - maybe you could do your own shopping list? We have uploaded the documents for this week.

If there are any problems, just email us to ask.

Remember to pop some pictures on Tapestry so we can see what else you are up to - we are sure it's not all school work!

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Reception Week 25.1.2021 

Hello everyone!

This week we have a picture for you to use in Literacy. Please use the prompts below to help you discuss the picture. We hope you enjoy this one!

Maths is all about the number 8 and an activity called Estimation Station. Do enjoy the Number blocks episode on Cbeebies - number 8. - use the Phase 2 and the first three Phase 3 comics for something fun to read! 

Look on the PowerPoint below to see what sounds we are learning, the words we are reading and the spellings we are learning. Remember though, we won't have covered all of these until the end of the week!

Mums and dads, please remember to do as much or as little as you can - it's still more important that your children are well and happy! Don't let this become a challenge for you. 

As always, drop us an email if you need anything.

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Reception Learning 

We hope you are all well and enjoying the learning on line with us. It is lovely to see you. 

Please continue with Mavis the Magical Cat and find below some further maths activities. As last week, please do these practically rather than in
written form. You can use any resources you have at home to count and make sets with. 

There are some handwriting sheets for you to use if you would like to practise. We have learned all of these sounds so practise handwriting them would be great. Again, they could be done on paper but equally when looking for the correct formation you could use paint, crayon or any other media. 

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Remote learning information 

Here is a link to information about our remote learning, along with some ideas of activities your child could do and websites that they could use. We will email details of passwords to you separately:

If you do have any questions then do please contact us via Teams or email or - we are happy to help you.

Here are some websites and games that your child may enjoy using to support maths and literacy. (lots of fun games and video clips relating to maths)   (lots of practice for addition and subtraction and multiplication (year 2 only)) This website is good for finding quick recall facts to support your child. (maths and literacy)  (maths and literacy)  (this website has links to Read Write Inc which is our core reading and phonics scheme - a class log in has been sent to you separately)

We have also added the VIPERS reading document to support you when discussing texts with your child. 

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Reception Home Learning 

Hello Reception!

We hope you and your family are all well. If there is anything we can support you with then please do give us a call. 

Mavis the Magical Cat
Here is the pack for your literacy learning. There are lots of wonderful ideas for exploring language and writing based on this story. 

Understanding the number 6
There are also some maths activities for your child to have a go at. Please remember that, although the activities are on a sheet they are simply to support you with understanding the kind of activities we may engage in so your child learns all about the number 6. Take these ideas and apply them wherever your child learns best - this could be inside or out, with toys or natural materials. The possibilities are endless!

Please do upload to Tapestry some photographs of your child working and photographs of some of their activities. We do so love to see what they do. 

Phonics will continue to be live lessons at 9.00. 

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Christmas tree making 

Today we built a Christmas tree from wood! We had to decide which order the planks should go in and then nail them together. Some of us are extremely good at using a hammer and knew exactly how to stay safe. Over the next couple of days we are going to make some extra decorations to improve how it looks. 


Learning to read in Reception 

Here is a copy of the reading information we have shared with you. We do hope it is of use to you and, as always, do contact us if you want further support or information. 

Most of all - have fun reading with your child and remember to share a bed time story as often as you can!

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Welcome back after half term 

Hello everyone!

We hope you have had a wonderful half term break and that you are enjoying our exciting learning .

This half term we are learning about addition and subtraction in our maths and we will learn lots of fact by heart so we can use them quickly and easily. There are lots of resources to help us with our maths and we will play lots of games to practise what we know.

In literacy we will be reading a story called Stuck by Oliver Jeffers. When we have talked about the story and explored it we will make up our own versions. Watch out for the huge tree in our classroom just in case something gets unstuck! Below is the story map so you can practise and the text so other people can help you if you get stuck...

We will be completing our Design Technology work by making a moving weather picture and also we will be thinking about 'Celebrating Difference' in our PSHE sessions. There will be lots of other fun things for us to learn and, even if the weather is a little colder and wetter, we will still have our forest school sessions. Look out for some fun maths where we will see how far we can throw things - just like Floyd in the story 'Stuck'. Mrs Blackburn will be back to teach us some more PE on Tuesdays.

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Forest School 

What wonderful weather we had for our Forest School session this week! We reminded ourselves just how well we can persevere when we want to as some of us found striking the fire steel a bit challenging. Mrs Harrison assures us that it will be easier when the fire steel has been used more - we hope she is right!

Mrs Harrison was amazed at how quickly we could come together when she called 'One, two, three, sticky elbows'. We hadn't forgotten after all. 

Some of us had fun building dens, dens for ourselves and dens for little creatures, some of us played chasing games and some of us remained at the fire pit making sure we really knew how to create sparks for when we need to light a fire. Marshmallows are on the menu for next week - delicious!


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