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DT - The Big Bridge Build! 


Here in Kensa class we have been learning about the great engineer Isambard Kingdom Brunel. We have been exploring different bridge types with Miss Lenton. This week we had to design, build and test our own bridges.

As well as learning about how bridges are structured and how to make different materials stronger to use for bridges, we developed some other learning behaviours. We had to overcome challenges and modify things when they were not working out, we had to persevere when we found some parts tricky and we had to have a go at things we hadn't done before! All good learning behaviours that we can use in other situations. 

What do you think of our bridges? 


Minions Day - Wild Tribe -  

Photographs of our day

Here we are playing games, finding features on the Moors and lighting fairy fires. 

What do you think of our environment shakers?


Bridges - Design and Technology 

Building Bridges

Here we are building bridges. We have been learning about the structure of different bridges as part of our topic on 'Who has changed our world?'

Most recently we have learned about Isambard Kingdom Brunel and his work. We have had a go at building our own bridges - here we are. 


Sculpture Project with Sean Hewitt 


Well, here they are! 

These are our sculptures so far. We have worked on using blocks of colour and abstract representations of the features on faces. Exploring where we could place the features was so much fun! This week we have positioned our cut faces onto paper plates then created a body for it. Using the glue gun was tricky but we all managed to do so safely. It was actually more tricky to make sure the blocks of colour on our bodies didn't have and 'fluffy' bits - but we succeeded after some perseverance! What wonderful Persevering Penguins we all are.

Look out next week for the start of our outdoor sculpture which will be a permanent feature of our school environment. 


Minions Day - Wild Tribe 

What a wonderful day we have had! We lit 'fairy fires' and had 'fairy marshmallows', played direction games so we could learn about north, south, east and west, created bookmarks and sound tins and did so much running around trying to find things that we are totally exhausted. Some of us even slept on the way home!

The rain was kind enough to wait until the afternoon but even then it didn't dampen our excitement and we are desperate to do something similar again - soon. 

Look out for many more photographs soon - here's someone trying so hard to light a 'fairy fire'. She is really persevering and let out a great cry of 'I did it!' when she managed to create sparks. 


Welcome from Miss Lenton 

Hello everyone!

Firstly, I would like to take the time to introduce myself. I am Miss Lenton, I am a PGCE student who has enjoyed training at Blisland for the last 6 weeks. I will be working with Kensa class until the end of June and can’t wait to finish my teacher training journey with all at Blisland Primary School. They have certainly made me feel very welcome so far.

It has been great to get back in the classroom after the Easter break. They are all working very hard. The children have started their Literacy learning journey exploring the life of Amelia Earhart – remember children, you have your story map to practise at home. This links to our new enquiry question, ‘Who has changed our world?’ where they have been looking at the Industrial Revolution, timelines and the life of engineer Isambard Kingdom Brunel. Everyone looked great in Brunel’s tall black hat!

In Mathematics our children are looking at place value, and this week have explored number lines with Reception focusing on using Numicon to construct more than 10. It has been wonderful to hear some thoughtful mathematical reasoning from our children.

Since the start of term children have continued to take part in some fun filled activities to broaden their knowledge. They now have two P.E and wellbeing lessons with Mrs ‘Blackbird’ and Forest School has been an adventure, where they have spent time exploring the in the woods. It was fantastic to see all the bluebells grow.

The class has also been making some abstract art with local artist Sean Hewitt and will continue to work with him for the rest of this half term. On Tuesday, Miss Jones came to visit with an incredibly special day, called Healthy Hearts, Healthy Minds. The children spoke about mindfulness, tried Zumba, Pilates and meditation. They drew rainbows with chalk in the playground and talked about a Worry Monster. The children have one of their very own in the new Calm Corner. They have found this area very helpful; it is important to talk about our feelings.

The two class bubbles could say hello to each other outside on Friday, with a school assembly. We hope they can unite again soon! Congratulations to our Stars of the Week, and the two recipients of the Headteacher Award – well done! 


Summer Term 

This term our big question is - Who has changed our world?

We are learning about Amelia Earhart and Isambard Kingdom Brunel at the moment but plan to learn about other significant people from history. Our Literacy will be writing a biography about a famous person and we will learn how to structure this genre of text. Some of us are super excited about inventions and can't wait to create our own in DT.

In our maths we are learning about numbers to 100 to make sure we know how numbers work. 

We have also been out at Forest School looking at our local environment. This week we discovered that we can see all the way up to the church in Blisland from the path near school. That's a very long way away! We climbed all the way up the hill in the woods and had a little lie down to listen carefully and enjoy the smell of the bluebells. It was amazing just how many different sounds we could hear and the bluebells smell gorgeous! 

Look out for further blogs with photographs of our 'Healthy Hearts, Healthy Minds' day! There were lots of rainbows and rockets involved! 


Reception week 8.2.2021 

Hello everyone!

It's nearly halfterm and you have all been working really hard. Well done!

Here is the document with the activities for this week along with some links to maths video clips. There is a clip for each day if you can manage it and an activity to go alongside that. We have also included some trickier words for you to have a go at reading - you may recognise some of them from our phonic sessions!

We will continue to see you for phonics and a chat on Wednesday if you can make it. 

As always, if you need anything just send us an email or

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Reception week 1.2.2021 

Hello everyone!

It's been lovely to see you during phonics and we are really pleased with how you are remembering our new 'special friends'. Last week we learned ay, ee, igh, ow, oo and we wrote lots of words using these sounds. We are also writing words with two consonants at the start - clap, sniff, snap, flop. Keep practising these - maybe you could do your own shopping list? We have uploaded the documents for this week.

If there are any problems, just email us to ask.

Remember to pop some pictures on Tapestry so we can see what else you are up to - we are sure it's not all school work!

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Reception Week 25.1.2021 

Hello everyone!

This week we have a picture for you to use in Literacy. Please use the prompts below to help you discuss the picture. We hope you enjoy this one!

Maths is all about the number 8 and an activity called Estimation Station. Do enjoy the Number blocks episode on Cbeebies - number 8. - use the Phase 2 and the first three Phase 3 comics for something fun to read! 

Look on the PowerPoint below to see what sounds we are learning, the words we are reading and the spellings we are learning. Remember though, we won't have covered all of these until the end of the week!

Mums and dads, please remember to do as much or as little as you can - it's still more important that your children are well and happy! Don't let this become a challenge for you. 

As always, drop us an email if you need anything.

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