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Playground Leaders Day 

Playground Leaders Day

Today, KS2 took part in Playground Leaders training from Arena sports. They learned how to be effective leaders, by identifying the qualities that a good leader possesses, and considering this when leading their activities.

First, they learned how to set up and lead a variety of games including target throwing, circuit training and ball dribbling. They were then able to take part in these games, lead by other members of the class.

Next they learned about competition by taking part in a star jump competition. The results were: 1st place was Jensen with 106 star jumps in a minute, 2nd place was Jack S. with 102, and 3rd place was Brianna with 101! Can you beat this score at home?

Then they worked together to come up with our own playground games, which they lead for the rest of the class. These included lots of slaloms, jumps, running and tagging! Which was your favourite game?


Remote learning During Storm Eunice 


I am learning to use dialogue to advance action
GDS: I can use higher levels of dialogue technique

Task: Write a scene for your new story of the wild way home where Charlie finds Harby again but they are grown up. Show their new journey through speech

To be successful I will:
• Use speech for Charlie and Harby to move the story forward.
• I will use inverted commas (Speech marks)
• I will start each new speech from a character on a new line • I will use verbs and adverbs to describe how, when and where they are talking.
• I will punctuate inside speech

GDS: • Show how Harby speaks with deliberate spelling and grammar mistakes

Spellings Y3/4 (Look, cover, write and check/play noughts and crosses): early earth eight/eighth enough exercise experience experiment extreme famous favourite February forward(s) fruit grammar

Spelling Y5/6 (Look, cover, write and check/play noughts and crosses): familiar foreign forty frequently government guarantee harass hindrance identity immediate(ly) individual interfere interrupt

Maths: Y3: I am learning to find how many ways items can be joined (Multiplying)

To be Successful I will: Join with lines how many ways each item can be combined Write down how many ways items ca be combined Notice that how many of first item multiplied by the number of the second item equals the answer Times the number of items to find the number of combinations. e.g. 3 types of ice-cream and 4 types of topping equals 12 combinations Video link:

Y4: I am learning to draw shapes with given areas To be Successful I will: Remember that area is counted in squares I will draw around squares to show a given area Identify correct and incorrect statements about the Link:

Y5: I am learning to use short division (With Remainders) To be successful I will: • Set out the digits in the correct place • I will use times tables to calculate how many times a number fits into each digit (e.g. 3s into 9 = 3) • I will notice where exchanges are needed - e.g. 3s into 10 = 3 with 1 to exchange • I will show any left over values at the end of the calculation as remainders Link:

Y6: I am learning to multiply by 10, 100 and 1000 (Decimals) To be successful I will: • understand that multiplying by 10, 100 and 1000 involves place exchange • X10 = 1 Place; X100 = 2 places and X1000 = 3 places • ensure the digits remain in the same order after moving • Gaps/emptiness n a place to be shown by zero place holders. Link:

For History this afternoon, we are learning about what life was like in the Iron Age. First, you are going to research an Iron Age hill fort.
I would like you to draw a hill fort and add labels of what you would find there. Year 5/6, please write a sentence for each label. For example, 'Banks, also known as ramparts, were built out of chalk. They made it difficult for invaders to enter.' Then you have a choice! You can either write an advert for an Iron Age roundhouse, persuading Iron Age people to buy it. OR you could design a poster for one of the 4 main religious ceremonies. (You can find more information on the website above.) I'm also sending some Iron Age recipes, for if you would like to try and make some of your own Iron Age food! (Only if you have the time and ingredients!) Let me know if you have any questions. I hope you all have a wonderful half term and I will see you next Monday! :)

Mrs Carr and Mr Avery

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D.T and Music 

Gnarly Neolithic round houses; and developing musical composition skills. 

Children in KS2 have used their knowledge of structures (combination structures) and historical learning about stone age settlements such as Skara Brae, to design and make Neolithic round houses.

Also, the children have been working with Mrs Bridle from the Cornwall music hub this term to learn the recorder. Impressively, they have been playing and using musical notes, and have begun to compose and note their own tunes. 


Learning the Recorder 

Fére Jacques

KS2 have been practicing their French and music skills by learning musical notes, ensembles, ostinato patterns and how to transfer these skills to playing the recorder. After the odd squeaky note, the children are getting better and we will post their finished performance in the weeks ahead. 


Learning for Spring term 2022 

Why does the stone are and Ancient Egyptians matter to me?
This term the children will be focusing on their history skills for much of their learning.
In Literacy, children will be writing information texts about stone age animals, persuading people to visit a stone age theme park before writing their own stories based on the book, 'The wild way home'. 
In History, children will discover the advances in civilization which occurred over 8000 years ago, looking at buildings, farming timelines, rituals and beliefs and how all of this got us to where we are today. Following on from this in the 2nd part of the Spring term,  The children will uncover the historical mysteries and way of life of the Ancient Egyptians.
Art will give the children the opportunity to link their history to knowledge to their creative side. They will be able to create cave paintings using a verity of mediums. 
Through D.T, the children will design, build and evaluate a shelter based on Neolithic round houses. Rewards will be received for those who are able to get closest to the design brief. 

Children will also be learning within the wider curriculum PSHE (Relationships); Computing (e-safety and coding quizzes);  French (Food, adjectives and verbs) and in Music, the children are lucky enough to continue their music lessons and learn how to play the recorder. They will link these lessons to their French as they learn French songs 


Vocal Musical Rounds 


Silky sea creatures 

KS2 conservation art.

KS2 have been designing sea creature art pieces in an attempt to raise awareness of the impact of climate change and sea creatures on our sea life. The transferred their designs to silk pieces and frames for a fantastic piece of art. We loo forward to displaying the finished pieces proudly in our school. 


Surviving the Arctic 

Key Stage two have been looking at instructional texts and the writing skills related to instructions. At the end of their learning, they created super comic life instructions to be a chapter of a 'Bear Grylls' survival book. They then created instructional videos linked to their Geography learning about the Arctic and climate change. 



Through teaching in art and design, we aim to equip the children with the skills and knowledge they need to produce artwork in a range of media, representing different images and ideas. KS2 have been using sketchbooks to explore, reflect and collect ideas using a range of media and work from other artist to inspire and shape their own artwork. We are focusing on sea creatures endangered because of changing climate and pollution; this term and the children are working towards creating their own unique silk painting. Their planning so far has already created some stunning pieces of work


KS2 Surf Club 


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