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Welcome to Nessa Class

Nessa Class is our Key Stage 2 area. They are taught by Mr Avery (Head of School) in the Mornings and Mrs Powdrill and Mrs Pearce in the afternoons.
Nessa are a very enthusiastic class who love learning, being active, using ICT and working together. We love finding out that work becomes easier because we get smarter.


Home Learning week beginning 29th June - ending 10th July 

Well, we only have have 3-whole-weeks left at school until the summer holidays. Below you'll find some more home learning activities. If over the summer holiday period you would like home learning activities to keep brains busy, please let us know. 

Ive the next two-weeks you can start to learn about renga and tanka poems - historical poems from Japan. Also it will be your mission to invent nonsense words and create definitions for your words..

Year 5: Percentages, decimals and fractions -
Year 4: Calculating with factions -
Year 3: Calculating with fractions -

This weeks exploring science activity explores how the human body works:

Famous picture photo reenactment. Research a famous picture from a famous artist and see if you can recreate it using resources from home or dressing your self, family or pets to be the people and then photo. This is also your task master challenge. Best reenacted photo portrait wins 10-house points.

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Home Learning week beginning 15th June - ending 26th June 

Get Sporty!

Hello all.

This week we hope to have you all take part in class times table Kahoot. I will email parents the date, time and login information as soon as possible.

Over these two weeks, we would like the children to become scientists and make observations about plants. Also create a virtual museum at home. Label interesting objects you find in the house, make an exhibition and give us as much information about as possible. See the links below which have more information about the task.

The white rose maths group still have helpful tutorials to support learning. The links below will take you to home learning pages with the video guides. The key themes for maths this week are:
Year 3: Fractions
Year 4: Decimals
Year 5: Fractions and decimals:

Explorify challenge:

Photography challenge. When you're out an about, can you take photos of things in the environment that look like letters. Can you photograph the whole alphabet? 

Task Masters: Recreate/act out your favourite famous movie scene or chapter of a book.

PE: Please check the head's bog for details about how to take part in the Cornwall games. 

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Home Learning week beginning 8th June 

Message in a bottle:
Accept Justin Somper’s 10 minute challenge! Visit Authorfy’s fantastic ’10 Minute Challenges’ page and find Justin Somper’s challenge. Watch it and complete the task he sets – to write a message in a bottle! What can you come up with in just ten minutes? Justin asks you three questions to consider to help you quickly plan and clarify your idea: • Who is sending the message? • Where is this letter being sent from? • What is the writer going to say? It’s also important to decide when your letter is being sent. You are to imagine you’re the writer, but what year are you living in? Careful with this: you wouldn’t write, ‘I come from Elizabethan times…’ if you were somebody actually living in 1588! (Periods of history tend to get their names after they have ended.) You may, however, write something about ‘our Good Queen Bess’, mention another well-known character from that time or an event.
Download the pdf which has more detail and activities around writing to a message in a bottle.

Summer reading challenge:
The Summer Reading Challenge combines FREE access to books with fun creative online activities; this year it has been extended and was launched on Friday 5th June and run until mid-September.
How the Challenge works:
Children sign up online to the Digital Summer Reading Challenge The website will be free to access, featuring games, quizzes, digital and downloadable activities to incentivise and encourage children and their families to take part in the Challenge at home. Although library buildings are closed, libraries will also continue to deliver the Challenge through virtual services and e-lending platforms i.e. Borrowbox, Facebook and Twitter. Children taking part this year will be asked to set their own reading goal and we are keen to see if this encourages take up and completion. However, we will still be suggesting six books as the best goal to try for. Children who complete their Summer Reading Challenge will be able to download a certificate. Please open the PDF below which has more information.
Maths will continue in the same way. The white rose maths group still have helpful tutorials to support learning. The links below will take you to home learning pages with the video guides. The key themes for maths this week are:
Year 3: Fractions
Year 4: Fractions
Year 5: Fractions part 2:

Explorify have some excellent enquiry based activities. This weeks home task is based around properties of materials:

Geoff Cole, one our local body governors has kindly shared work he helped his grandchild with about countries and continents of the world. These are good tasks as many people perhaps don't know where they or others are in the world. Worksheets Geoff created can be downloaded below.

Task master activity of the week:
With the permission of somebody at home, make a room or garden into a sports arena; create an epic moment of sporting glory.

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Home learning week beginning 1st June 2020 

I hope you are all doing well. As we return to school for Year 6 and critical workers, home learning will alter slightly as we manage being open full time and ensuring the children working remotely are able to access key learning so please bare with us. If there is a particular theme or area of learning you may like resources for emailed to you, please email Mrs Hawker at: and she will let me know and we will do what we can


Choose an evocative storybook Think about a storybook that has affected you in some way – made you feel really excited, joyful, tugged at your heartstrings, made you tearful, or kept you in almost unbearable suspense. If you have this book at home, go find it! If not, see if you can conduct an internet search to find a extract that evokes that powerful feeling: Google Books ( can often find you some pages of older books; LoveReading4Kids ( allows you to download free extracts of certain books (you will need to ask an adult to help you register for free or, even better, do it on your behalf); Amazon occasionally has a ‘look inside’ feature when you’re browsing for books, etc. Whatever you choose, it’s important you start with the version in print – the whole point of this activity is to reimagine the story for film, so you won’t want another film director’s ideas getting in the way of your own! 
Download the pdf which has more detail and activities around writing to create mood.

Remember to read regularly and talk about what has been read,

Maths will continue in the same. The white rose maths group still have helpful tutorials to support learning. The resources are no longer free but fortunately as a school and trust, we have premium access and have attached the worksheets with answers for you. The links below will take you to home learning pages with the video guides. The key themes for maths this week are:
Year 3: Timestables
Year 4: Area and perimeter
Year 5: Fractions
Explorify have some excellent enquiry based activities. This weeks home task is based around Plants:

Task master activity of the week:
Help at home with DIY or housework - most amazing way to complete DIY or housework wins 10 house points.

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Year 6 return to school 

Welcome back.

Dear parents and children of year 6 and critical worker children,

On Tuesday 2nd June, we are excited and precautious in welcoming you back. We will help you settle back in and learn the new normal. You be more than ready for the summer holidays by the time we have completed some learning and topics, and super ready for secondary school. See you on Tuesday. Please watch the short video to give you a rough insight into how to enter school safely. 


Home learning week beginning 11th May 

Week 5 - task masters

Hello all,

Strangely for the children in year 6 this should have been the week you started your SATs. If you feel like you would like to pretend you still have to do them they can be dowloaded and a link will be attached - I obviously understand if you choose not to:

Below is a timetable of work if you choose to take part in any of the learning - take what you want and do what you can. I have also thought it would be fun to have some random tasks as done by some comedians.
The two random tasks this week are:

  • Camouflage yourself inside you house or garden - if you can send a photo of this it is worth 10-house-points
  • Flicking a paint brush art - if you parents can find a place that is allowed to get a bit messy, use paints and paint flushes and flick the pain at paper. - if can send a picture of your art it is worth 10-house-points - 20-house-points for the best method of flicking paint.
The is a chance I will see many of you before the summer holidays which is really pleasing - do. to panic about when or how often you'll be back. It will be as soon, as often and as safe as possible.

Take care,

Mr Avery

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Home Learning week beginning 4th May 

May the fourth be with you...

Happy Star Wars day, I know many of you are quite into these films and the franchise. This weeks home learning tasks are timetabled in the documents below with resources to help. As always, take what you want from these activities as I know times vary on what you can do and perhaps how much energy you might have to do them.

However, this week you may like to instead of the timetabled resources just look at and focus on learning about VE Day (Victory in Europe) as we approach the 75th anniversary this bank holiday Friday. Resources are attached and their is a video to watch to tell you a bit more about it.

Have a great week and I hope that the bank holiday weather is kind.

Stay well and keep in touch.

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Home Learning week beginning 27th April 

Key themes this week

This week's main theme is lockdown, the moon landing and hobbies using some types of poem we have studied called: 'Conversation poems' and 'Acrostic poems'.

This weeks home-learning also centres around the phases of the moon and  internet safety.

There is also attached a really good writing competition arranged by Mrs Towe (Bridge English lead) in partnership with the National trust to design a leaflet about wildlife and plants in your garden and local area. please look at the competition information and a leaflet an information leaflet instruction page at the documents at the end of this blog.

Please remember that work set is not compulsory and you can do as much or little as needed. 
The work can be complimented with the BBC Bitesize home-learning daily lessons which have some excellent resources that can support key skills and subjects further.

If you need any further information or support, please email.

Best wishes,

Matt Avery

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Summer Home learning - Weeks 1/2 beginning Tuesday 14th April 2020 

Finishing off why humans fly...

Dear children and parents, before schools shut just before Easter, a timetable was placed amongst other documents of this page but may have missed by you. I will update this page with a week-by-week blog with the most relevant resources attached (Below this page are is the timetable and relevant resources for weeks 1/2). Please do check the the first home-learning blog entry which has resources and some very good web links. I will try to give a short video blog and tutorial for some key skills for the children to try and use (Mainly literacy and some linked to enquiry questions) Please use the White Rose maths for your child's year group - they have some resources and good video examples to support. If you need any support at all or the children wish to send me their work or email me for ideas, then please email me:

Remember that you can do as much or as little as you can - as I mentioned in the head's blog, everybody has different amounts of time to give to these challenges and looking after children's physical and mental wellbeing is the first priority. I sincerely hope you are all well.

Best wishes,

Mr Avery

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