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Which animals are nocturnal?

 We have been looking at lots of different animals in the countryside and wanted to find out if they are nocturnal and what the word nocturnal means. Mrs Pearce learnt that the words comes from the Latin word “nocturnalis” , which means “belonging to the night”.  We talked about animals that may come out at night because they sleep during the day, we sorted our pile of animals into two group, those that slept in the day and those that were awake and slept at night. We decided that foxes ,badgers , bats and hedgehogs were nocturnal. We wanted to put the rabbits as nocturnal but Mrs Pearce wasn’t sure so we checked on the iPad. We learnt that because  rabbits come out at dawn and dusk they are actually Crepuscular, that was a tricky  word to say but we like learning new words ! 


Weaving masks  

We have made the most of taking our learning outside this week and enjoying the gorgeous sunshine. We have been looking at our faces and the things that make us unique, we spent time looking at all our different eye colours and different colour and length hair. This sparked a conversation about the black dot in the middle of our eyes , our pupils. We investigated how they react with light and thoroughly enjoyed working with a partner and peeking out behinds our hands and watching what happens to our pupils! 

After carefully drawing our faces onto our masks we popped on our boots set off on a walk to collect leaves and flowers to decorate our masks. This gave us lots of opportunities to learn about different trees and also what we mustn’t touch as it might be prickly or sting us! 

Once back in school we shared our treasures out into the table and set about weaving our items through the string, this proved quite tricky but thankfully we have lots of persevering penguins ! 



This week we have been busy learning about what it means if an animal is nocturnal and looking at the animals around us and what we might see on our field. The children spotted a bird  eating on our bird feeder which led to lots of investigation on the iPad to identify it. We learnt it was a Coal Tit and this sparked a whole afternoon looking at different garden birds and some beautiful handprint Robins being made and very colourful Blue tits. We decided to hang them in our outside area so they would move around in the wind ! 


Welcome and Welcome Back! 

We are excited to see you

Hello to all of our nursery children, new and old. We are so very much looking forward to seeing you all, and are excited at the amazing things you will be making, exploring and learning. We have made a little video to help you, your mummy and daddy know a little bit about starting nursery with us.


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