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Pupil Premium:
The Pupil Premium is additional funding for publically funded schools in England to raise the attainment of disadvantaged pupils of all abilities and to close the gaps between themselves and their peers. At Brunel Primary Academy we ensure that barriers to learning are identified for all pupils entitled to the Pupil Premium, and to use the relevant funding to diminish differences between the attendance, well-being and learning outcomes for this group of pupils and their peers. Wherever appropriate we will ensure that the funding also has impact on those pupils not classified as Pupil Premium. We adopt strategies that will support pupils in their learning and ensure that all learners have access to the resources, challenge and support that they need to make progress in their learning. We are proud to be an inclusive school and this inclusivity is evident within our strategy and in in our everyday practice. In addition, strategies also include those that motivate pupils to learn and inspires them to get the most out of their education. We are grateful to those parents and carers who apply for Early Years Premium and Pupil Premium funding, as we are aware of the difference this funding makes to the best possible outcomes for all. If you think that your child is eligible for Pupil Premium funding please follow the link on this page, have a look at the pamphlet below or come in to school to discuss it with us.

•The Pupil Premium will be used to provide additional educational support to improve the progress and to raise the standard of achievement for these pupils.
•The funding will be used to narrow and close the gap between the achievement of these pupils and their peers.
•As far as its powers allow the school will use the additional funding to address any underlying inequalities between children eligible for Pupils Premium and others.
•We will ensure that the additional funding reaches the pupils who need it most and that it makes a significant impact on their education and lives.

•Pupil Premium will be clearly identifiable within the budget.
•The Head teacher in consultation with the governors and staff, will decide how the Pupil Premium is spent for the benefit of entitled pupils
•The school will assess what additional provision should be made for the individual pupils.
•The school will be accountable for how it has used the additional funding to support the achievement of those pupils covered by the Pupil Premium and the Head teacher will report to the governing body and parents on how effective the intervention has been in achieving its aims.
•From September 2012, we will publish online information about how we have used the Premium.
•We will ensure that parents, governors and others are made fully aware of the attainment of pupils covered by the Premium.
•We will seek to further develop strategies and interventions which can improve the progress and attainment of these pupils.
•We will track the impact of the strategies put into place through the funding to ensure that we can show the value that has been added to the education of the entitled children.
•We will monitor evaluate and review the success of the impact of the pupil premium funding.

This strategy will play an important part in the educational development of the individual pupils who are entitled to the Pupil Premium. We will ensure that these pupils are treated equally and as favourably as others and that the additional funding is used well to address the challenges they face. The school will use the additional funding to promote the achievement and progress of all entitled pupils. Through wise use of this additional funding we are fully committed to ensuring that the individual needs of each entitled child are met. As a result of the additional funding, these children will make better progress and achieve higher standards that would have been likely without it.


Reporting to Parents

Blisland Primary Academy will ensure that the new additional pupil premium funding reaches the 3 groups of pupils for whom it was intended and that it makes a significant impact on their education and lives.
• The Pupil Premium will provide additional educational support to improve the progress and to raise standards of achievement and attainment for these pupils.
• The Pupil Premium funding will be used to narrow the difference between the achievement of these pupils and the rest of their class.
• As far as is possible the school will use the additional pupil premium funding to address any underlying inequalities between children eligible for Pupil Premium and others. The strategy was adopted by the Governing Body 3rd June 2013 and reviewed in December 2017. The strategy is reviewed every 3 years. Date of next review: December 2020.


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