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Twiglets, our baby and toddler group offers much needed support for parents and carers. It offers the chance to socialise, and to share parenting techniques, skills and knowledge. Our group runs on a weekly basis, in term time, so by attending every week, you are creating stability and the perfect opportunity to get out of the house. 


This has got to be one of the best parts for any parent or carer. Who wouldn’t like to have more bonding time with their little one? Our baby and toddler group can help to strengthen the relationship between parent and child by allowing you to spend valuable time together. Of course, you might be spending all day every day with your child, but this group allow for one-to-one bonding without any distractions. Parents and carers can share your little ones’ early learning experiences which can create some incredibly special memories. Singing, playing games and taking part in activities together can be highly rewarding and can lead to lots of smiling, laughing, eye contact and cuddling.

Do not worry...

Aside from the above, attending a baby and toddler group can be a rather daunting experience for some parents and carers. The thought of leaving the house (which can be a challenge in itself!) and the fears that come with it…what if my child starts screaming and disrupts the group? Let me assure you that this really isn’t something to be feared.

Every parent and carer in our group will most likely be in the same position. We are there to support and learn from each other. Mrs Pearce, our nursery manager, is trained and experienced in various scenarios as well as being a parent herself and will be able to take control of any difficult situations. We are here as a source of support and don't judge!

What are you waiting for....

As you can see from the benefits mentioned above, attending a baby and toddler group can be extremely rewarding for parents, carers and your little ones. So, what are you waiting for? 

Join us on a Wednesday 9-10.30am during term time. Updates are always on our Twiglets Facebook page. No need to book in, just arrive at the Storytellers building anytime from 9am onward. Snacks provided for the little ones and coffee, biscuits and friendship provided for the big people ;) 

Please contact Mrs Pearce for anymore information; 



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