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Welcome to Storytellers Nursery  

Welcome to our Nursery blog ...

In our spacious inviting nursery we work hard to offer a nurturing and supportive learning environment for the children to thrive and grow. We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum with an emphasis on promoting the characteristics of effective learning. 

This approach fosters a love of learning and provides challenge linked closely to developmentally age appropriate experience. We strive to create an environment where the children feel confident to explore and discover new things. We have weekly forest school activities and have constant access to a large safe outdoors space and all-weather area. All meals are cooked daily on site by our wonderful cook. 

As a Nursery, we understand that all children are unique and understand the importance of following their individual interests.

We are set just outside the beautiful village of Blisland which is 10 mins from Bodmin town centre.

As we are a smaller setting we can only offer 10 places per year group but this therefore ensures a very high level of interaction with adults and quality impute for your child while they are with us. We are very family orientated and have strong community connections. 

We can offer places to children from the age  2yrs and offer 15 and 30 hour funding, more information can be found here:

Morning sessions are from 9am - 12  cost £16.80

Lunch available from 12-1pm at £5.60 plus meal cost or home packed lunch.

Afternoon session would be from 12-3pm at £16.80 plus meal cost or home packed lunch. 

All day session 9am - 3pm £33.60 plus the meal or home packed lunch.

We are offering a fourth session free if you pay for 3. It can be just mornings or a full day.  Your equivalent 4th session would be free, saving a max of £28.80

We are very flexible with hours and days so please feel free to ring for more information.

We also run a parent and toddler group, ' Twiglets', on a Wednesday morning 9am -11am, where you can come along to stay and play and meet new people, have a coffee and get a feel for what we are all about; this runs weekly in term time and its free. Bump to 4yrs.    

Weekly information also available on our 'Twiglets' Facebook page. 

By following our nursery blog which we hope to publish on a weekly basis this will allow us to inform you through words and pictures how we promote your child’s learning in the nursery, it is also a great way for you to discuss with your child at home what they have been doing each week. 

Mrs Pearce.


Who wants to join the Circus ? 


Sunshine Circus! 

As we near the end of another wonderful year at Storytellers, we celebrated with a circus-themed day; the children all looked fantastic as they arrived as an array of clowns, acrobats and strong men! The children thoroughly enjoyed the large inflatable Circus, which housed a side, ball pool, obstacle course, and air shots. We had a delicious party lunch with a fabulous fruit elephant created by our clever cook, Sam!

A day full of laughter in the sunshine….what a perfect way to end the year.


Hugs thanks to the PTFA for making this possible and to all the parents and grandparents who support us throughout the year  



Sunshine days.. 

Storytellers have made the most of the weather this week and enjoyed adventuring outside. Mud pie making, setting sail with pirates and driving to the shops were just a few of the adventures they have been on! We have also been practising for sports day, and everyone is getting rather good at the egg and spoon race ….


Visit to the Lost Gardens of Heligan... 

Throughout the year, several trips and experiences are planned into the seven areas of learning to help the children broaden their knowledge by exposing them to things they may not encounter. These experiences enhance the children’s awareness by seeing real-life examples of what they have been learning; the children gain a deeper understanding of the topic, increasing their motivation to learn and retain the information. We focus heavily on our local environment, with trips and walks around the local community, which is why our visit to the Lost Gardens of Heligan was a fantastic experience for the Storytellers as they were able to see lots of the things they have been learning about on a far grander scale: beehives, sculptures, conservation, unique colours within the world of plants and lots of rare breed animals. This language-rich experience is essential and also fun which is always at the heart of everything we do. It is our role as a setting to help the children experience the awe and wonder of the world in which they live, and what a pleasure it is to be able to do that with these fantastic little people 



Bug houses.. 

At Storytellers, we have been outside enjoying the sunshine while learning about various habitats for the minibeasts that we have been looking at resonantly. The children each picked a mini beast and set to work, making it a house. This involved lots of fine motor skills as they assembled their little homes.

Through our dedicated efforts in caring for minibeasts and other animals, we are instilling in the children a deep sense of respect and care for all creatures. This hands-on exploration of the natural world they inhabit is a testament to our commitment to their holistic development.


It's good to develop children’s knowledge of the natural world they live in.

Over time, the children will develop the skills to talk about what plants and insects need to grow and how they change.

We have been learning to take care of small creatures, hold them without damaging them, and know that we must always place them back where they found them.


Exploring the world of Mini-beasts.. 

We feel it’s really important to encourage our children’s curiosity about the natural world, for they will be the next generation safeguarding the future of our planet. Minibeasts, in particular, play a vital role in nature, and our children love to learn about how bees pollinate our plants, ladybirds eat the pests on our crops, and worms help to keep our soil healthy.

Lifecycles form an important part of this project, and we have our own class caterpillars. This gives the children a chance to watch their very own hungry caterpillars grow and turn into beautiful butterflies, which we’ll release in the nursery grounds.

The world of mini-beasts is amazing. There is always something new to learn, so we’ll be putting on our sunhats and sun cream, packing our binoculars and magnifying glasses, and setting off to explore the incredible tiny world that’s all around us over the coming weeks!



An exciting delivery... 

Life Cycle of a Butterfly.


This half term, we are delving into the fascinating world of animal life cycles. The children were overjoyed when a small box arrived in the nursery today. Inside were five tiny caterpillars! We dove into some nonfiction books that revealed intriguing facts about caterpillars and butterflies. 

 We talked about the life cycle of our caterpillars and what we may see next. The children thoroughly enjoyed exploring the process and used some wonderful new vocabulary that we had been learning. The children made their own wonderful pictures of the butterflies' life cycle and decided where to place them in class so they could watch and wait patiently for the changes to happen.

  Watching the caterpillars change into chrysalises and then emerge as butterflies in the coming weeks is a fantastic opportunity for our children to learn more about the natural world around them.




Setting the scene.. 

Storytellers made the most of their surroundings while visiting Restormel Castle, immersing themselves in magical tales of princesses and knights fighting off naughty dragons within the spectacular castle's grounds. 



Enriching our learning adventures.  

Storytellers have been learning about castles this week alongside their topic of ‘Traditional Tales’. They thoroughly enjoyed today's trip to Restormel Castle and saw all the different features we have been learning about. We climbed up the steep steps to see the view that soldiers had when looking for enemies. We found out about the worn armour, and we went into the kitchen and dressing room area to see how the king and his family lived. The children loved to see the features of a castle in real life!

Some children had never been to a castle before, and they were impressed by its sheer size. They enjoyed feeling the cold, hard stone and uneven walls and could relate the castle to the different pictures they had seen in the books we had been reading. They looked at specific features, such as the enormous windows, fireplaces, and drawbridge area over the moat, which proved very exciting as they checked for baddies. They all enjoyed exploring the grounds and looking at the information boards.

After lunch, the children were given a selection of medieval characters to play with, which initiated some wonderful conversation as they played with their characters around the castle, bringing their learning to life!


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