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Welcome to Nursery... 

Welcome to our Nursery blog ...

This approach fosters a love of learning and provides challenge linked closely to developmentally age appropriate experience. We strive to create an environment where the children feel confident to explore and discover new things. We have weekly forest school activities and have constant access to a large safe outdoors space and all-weather area. All meals are cooked daily on site by our wonderful cook.

As a Nursery, we understand that all children are unique and understand the importance of following their individual interests.

We are set just outside the beautiful village of Blisland which is 10 mins from Bodmin town centre. As we are a smaller setting we can only offer 10 places per year group but this therefore ensures a very high level of interaction with adults and quality impute for your child while they are with us. We are very family orientated and have strong community connections.

We can offer places to children from the age  2yrs and offer 3yrs funding and 30 hour funding, more information can be found here:

Morning sessions are from 8.45am - 12  cost £12

Lunch available from 12-1pm at £4.00 plus meal cost or home packed lunch.

Afternoon session would be from 12-3.15pm at £12 plus meal cost or home packed lunch.

We are very flexible with hours and days so please feel free to ring for more information.

We can offer breakfast club from 8am -8.45 for £2.50 and this includes breakfast and drinks.

We can offer afterschool care from 3.15 - 4.15pm for £5.00 including snacks.

By following our nursery blog which we hope to publish on a weekly basis this will allow us to inform you through words and pictures how we promote your child’s learning in the nursery, it is also a great way for you to discuss with your child at home what they have been doing each week.

Mrs Pearce


Party Time! 

Christmas Party fun!

The children had a fantastic day celebrating with their friends in Storytellers. They planned what they wanted to do for their day which involved lots of games, taking turns and definitely lots of dancing! They helped make their table look festive by adding a table cloth and laying out plates so they could all sit down to enjoy some special tasty treats. 


Special Delivery ! 

Special delivery !

There was great excitement in Storytellers today when some loud bangs were heard outside. The children were quick to investigate and noticed some snowy footprints on the ground leading up to our post box. Who could have been ? After lots of discussion they decided it must have been Santa coming to post a letter, after checking inside it was discovered they were right and he had left some letters. Wow! The children wanted to check to see if they could see him , they used their special looking eyes to check out the sky but decided that the reindeer fly extra fast and they couldn't spot him. All the letters were taken inside and we sat as a group to listen to Mrs Pearce read out everyone's letters, everyone was very surprised at how much Santa knew about them and that he knew what they would like for Christmas! 


Posting a letter to Santa.  

Visiting the post office.

The children have been very busy writing letters to Father Christmas and that meant we needed a trip to the post office to send it off to the North Pole. After making sure their envelope was fully decorated with Christmas cheer we all wrapped up warm and walked up to the village, this caused great excitement as they explained to the lovely Pat that they needed a stamp to send their very important letter. After several attempts to work out who was tall enough to pop the letter in the box the children then took turns to pick a treat and pay with their pennies they had be clutching with excitement! 

Massive thanks to Blisland Village shop, especially Pat for taking the time to enable the children to do this and also for their special treats!


Owl Babies, missing poster!  

Missing Poster. 

The children have been enjoying the book ' Owl Babies' and this weeks literacy task was the make a missing poster for the owl babies mummy. What does she look like? We had some fantastic adjectives -  feathery, brown , Sharpe beak , big round eyes,  Pointed claws.
the children worked really hard sounding our their words and their pictures were fabulous! 


Searching for frost! 

This week we have been investigating changes and have been looking at what happens when its cold. This has provided us with lots of question . What happens to water when it freezes. What does ice feel like? What does ice turn to when its melts? Why have we found icy puddles this morning ? Where can we go in the world to find ice and snow? How can we find out the answers ? We investigate, explore and have fun doing so. The week ended with a walk looking to see if there we any changes around us as it had been very cold overnight. The children quickly spotted that lots of the leaves were a different colour and looked very white so this lead to a conversation about frost and why it appears and disappears. There were lots of icy puddles to smash and crunch in which provided lots of entertainment.  After all the excitement it was time to sit down and enjoy a little snack while listening to al the sounds in the forest. 


Learning about Diwali.  

Learning about Diwali.

This week the children have been learning all about Diwali, the festival of light. Diwali is celebrated as a five-day New Year festival; it symbolises the triumph of good over evil, light over darkness and new beginnings. Houses are lit by Divas – small clay pots containing a little oil and a wick and rangoli patterns are made outside front doors, together with footprints to welcome Lakshmi, the goddess of good fortune and wealth, into every home. Homes are cleaned, new clothes worn and cards and gifts, such as sweets (mithai) and dried fruit, are exchanged. One of the most famous legends associated with Diwali tells the story of how Prince Rama returned from exile with his wife, Sita, to his kingdom, after overcoming the 10-headed demon Ravana with the help of Hanuman, the monkey god, and his army of monkeys. People were so delighted that they lit the couple’s return with rows of lights. 
We spoke about how they and their families may celebrate festivals and special times, in similar ways. We talked together about how people who celebrate different festivals can do so in similar ways, to say ‘thank you’ to their god, to remind people how to be kind to one another, and to make other people and themselves happy. The children explored making their own rangoli patterns by drawing repeating patterns in coloured chalk and paint. An activity they especially enjoyed was making their own clay Divas and decorating them with pretty colours and adding their own little coloured battery tealight.

By celebrating Diwali and any other important festivals which arise throughout the year it enables children to feel valued, supported and respected, with this comes confident children and learners. It allows children to see that they all have differences and that this is okay because everyone has parts of them that make them special and unique.. 


Children in Need day !  


Meg and Mog Magic  

Meg and Mog...



Pumpkin Soup.  

Making soup.

The children have collected lots of pumpkins over the last week in Storytellers while we have been exploring everything Halloween related from potions to making decorations ready for our party but this had left us with some very big pumpkins that we didn't want to waste. We had lots of discussion about what we could do with them and decided we could eat it but we would need to cook it first, we found out about all the things we could make with pumpkins but decided that soup sounded to yummiest. The children worked as a group to tell Mrs Pearce what she needed to write down for their instructions to follow. We had to use our listening ears and follow the rules to keep us safe while making the soup, luckily everyone is really good at this. It was very tricky scooping all of the seeds out but everyone preserved. Everyone took turns chopping and filling the pot, the machine made lots of funny noises while it cooked the soup and took forever to cook it apparently! After a very long 30 minute wait everyone sat down to share out the soup and enjoy it with some warm bread. The general consensus was it was yummy! Even the squirrels got a tasty treat as all the scooped out seeds were popped on the garden table for them to enjoy.  

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